What is bupropion


Doctors advise pregnant women to exercise at least five days per week for 30 minutes. Reason for this is that physically active Pregnant women develop less gestational diabetes, less weight gain and less back problems. If you pay attention to some of the things, can also be used in pregnancy safely active in sports.

In addition to the lack of time many Pregnant uncertainty cited as a reason for not exercising. This is, in most cases, however, unfounded: "In the case of a normal pregnancy, moderate exercise is encouraged. It is safe for the mother and the child many positive health Effekte", Maria Flothkötter, head of the network holds Healthy life, the national recommendations on diet and life-style and in pregnancy.

Sweating is allowed

It should be quiet a bit tiring: sweat and faster breathing are allowed. Whether it is too much, can easily through the scientifically recognised "Talk Test" notice: During the physical load, a conversation should be possible. The 30 minutes per day can also be taken in shorter units. In addition, movement can often be incorporated in everyday life by, for example, paths to walk or bike to be done.

Previously active women can continue their Training usually continues as usual, however, it should not be to improve their Fitness or performance. For inactive women In the movement come and this in small steps increase.

When is the sports taboo?

No Sport in pregnancy, women with certain heart and lung diseases, cervix, weakness or premature labor should drive. Also in the case of vaginal bleeding, dizziness or headache should rather be at the doctor clarified, the extent to which Sport is safely possible.


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