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Eyes just like the skin from harmful ultra violet rays of the sun are protected. With sun this is glasses very easily. However, the sunglasses must be very expensive? And protect dark glasses better? The American Academy of ophthalmology has compiled the most important facts.

Fact no 1: sunglasses only on Sunny days

UV light penetrates through clouds and haze. Therefore, it is not wrong, even on cloudy summer sunglasses days wear. Regardless of the Season of the sun will increase skin radiation, the risk for cataracts, changes of the conjunctiva and cancer. And also of ice and snow-reflected sun can lead to skin, to painful damage to the cornea, the "Schneeblindheit" is called. Therefore, a pair of sunglasses in the winter holiday is part of the Luggage.

Fact no 2: protection für babies and children

Children are just as radiation is susceptible to harmful sun as well as adults. The sooner children get used to Wearing sunglasses, the better it is.

Fact no 3: sunglasses müno need to be expensive

A good news is that sunglasses don’t have to cost a lot of money, in order to ensure adequate eye protection. The sunglasses should have a label that they provide 100% protection from UVA/UVB rays or UV 400 protection.

Fact No 4: Größe plays a role

A large pair of sunglasses, reduces, laterally ingressing UV-light. Wraparound glasses can protect against dry eyes by the Wind.

Fact No. 5: Polarized Gläser do not provide UV protection

Polarized lenses do not block UV radiation. However, you can reduce the glare that reflects off of cars or water or sidewalks, for activities such as Auto or boating can make it more enjoyable.

Fact no. 6: the color of The Gläser plays no role.

The darkness of the glasses is no indication on the protection. And also Amber, green and grey lenses block harmful sun rays stronger. You will, however, increase the contrast, so that, for example, a Golf ball is more visible.


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