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15. March is the day of the health of the Back. Since 2002, the day of action, which should actually apply for every day, because it is precisely in times of Desk jobs and lack of exercise health Back will be a challenge.

Prevention and awareness should therefore be at the centre.

These are the five habits you should internalize fixes at best or throw it overboard.

People Disease Back Pain

"Back pain affects the majority of the population: About 85 percent of all adults have at least one back pain gelitten", the Bertelsmann Foundation, writes in the facts, check the back-analysis.

And in the case of one-off complaints, it will not. Two out of three patients will always suffer from back pain.

Time to do something for the back!

5 Do’s and Don’ts for a healthy back

1. Do: sit Correctly

A majority of society spends the working day in a Sitting position. The office work burdened spine, the sensitive lumbar. Therefore, the correct Sitting is essential for a healthy back. The motto is “stomach in, chest out” doesn’t solve the Problem. The best sitting position for the spine is the next! Who wants to come without pain through the day in the office, should pay attention to proper ergonomics in the workplace.6 Stretching Exercises in the workplace

2. Don’t: Heavy bags to drag

A study by the British Association of chiropractors shows that approximately 50 percent of all women suffer because of their handbag to back pain. It is therefore quite possible that the tense shoulders come from Sitting at a Computer. Men also resort to like to travel to travel bag instead of a suitcase.

Just the one-sided load, which is caused by Wearing a bag that makes the body but quite nice. Therefore: Better on backpacks, or in the case of a lot of Luggage, trolley bags "umsatteln".

3. Do: fit food

A healthy and varied diet helps the whole body. The machine body gets bad fuel, the body called back fast rotten. Vitamins and minerals supply in joints or muscles with valuable nutrients and strengths in a holistic way.

Healthy eating in everyday life must be not a science. Who makes sure to take in plenty of vegetables and fruits, whole grains, and healthy fats, for example, linseed oil, flax seed, nuts and fat-rich fish, too, makes a lot of right.

Also do not forget to Drink! Because fit the discs need fluid. The best of non-carbonated water, lemon water, and unsweetened tea. Alcohol, fruit juices and soft drinks should only be drunk in moderation.Recipe: Infused Water with cucumber, mint and lemon

4. Don’t: exercise Too little

"Lack of exercise is the cause of many Evils, including the Rückenschmerzen&quot belong;, Prof. Dr. Ingo Froböse from the centre for health at the German sport University in Cologne, says.

It doesn’t have to be high-performance sport. Two to three and a half hours of medium intensity in the week to help back pain to prevent and solve blockages. Important: The Golden rules for a healthy back training note!

5. Do: Exercises for stability

With the movement in everyday life, it’s done already? A tip for more stability in the cross last but not least. A special back training strengthens the back muscles and can help prevent the next pain episode.

Important: In case of pain before, go to the doctor! Then you can calm yourself "the back stärken".


  • Bertelsmann Foundation: the facts of check back analysis

Annika Big Krüger

*The contribution of “the day of the back to health With these 5 habits will remain the back healthy” is published by FitForFun. Contact with the executives here.