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You can see in the Video: First Corona-relaxations in Italy.

After seven weeks, more stringent requirements to contain the Corona of a pandemic, there is in Italy a first sigh of Relief. The first loosening of the Anti-Corona measures entered into force on Monday, however, the government is gradually. First of all, factories will be allowed, the most important production branches back to start to even Park be re-opened. The distance rules remain in force, and are also controlled, such as here at the Central station of Milan, where soldiers and police officers controlled the security rules and the body temperature of the commuters. Giuseppe Vitiello from Milan, commented on the new Situation and says: “I don’t think it’s over yet. Now has not changed only changes a lot, but it’s a start, I hope that this condition is over soon and we can again lead our normal life.” On the platforms and in the subway trains, red circles were placed so that the passengers stay a Meter away from each other, and in the trains must be between each passenger a free space. Most of the shops remain until mid-may, closed. For schools, cinemas and theatres, there is still no opening date. With antibody tests is to be found in addition, the extent to which the Italians have already developed immunity against the Virus. Finally, the number of new infections and deaths had declined, but more slowly than the government had hoped.