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You can see in the Video: Tönnies-promotional video from April shows a lack of hygiene measures.

This Tönnies-promotional video provides currently for excitement.

The Youtube Clip with the title “castle-makers” to actually show how the North Rhine-Westphalian meat-group-Burger-Patties produced.

But he also shows how it is appointed to the Corona-hygiene measures in case of Tönnies.

At several Points in the Videos, it is clear that the Clip will be in April of 2020, was taken after the entry into force of the prohibition of Contact by the Federal government.

Already on 22. In March, the government called for “stringent protective measures” in the open Operated. The seem to have when Tönnies was not a priority before. This is one of the advertising video.

Many employees do not adhere to the recommended minimum distance of two meters.

In addition, some employees are without a mouth-nose protection.

Compared to the “mirror TV” expresses the Tönnies-butcher shop, that there had been at the time of the shoot, a “mouth guard offer”. Further, the company argues that “a large part of the staff” have accepted this offer.

However, the images of the promotional video and the Numbers speak a different language: More than 1500 Tönnies-employees were infected with Covid-19.

The result: a regional Lockdown of the NRW districts of Gütersloh and Warendorf. Affected a total of about 640.000 inhabitants.