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The number of proven infections with the Coronavirus, has exceeded the one Million mark worldwide. The current Figures of the American Johns Hopkins University from Thursday. Of lung disease Covid-19, which can be the trigger three months ago, virtually totally unknown Virus, Sars-CoV-2, died thus in the world so far more than 51,000 people.

The number of unreported cases is likely to pay for a case and dead numbers will be high, say scientists. The number of proven infections depends on how many people are ever tested. Virtually no country in the world has enough Tests and laboratory capacity for evaluation. In addition, some countries have started late with the Test, or deliberately focus on a selective testing strategy. On the other hand, many people are likely to have died with pre-existing conditions or in old age due to the virus infection, without that Doctors had detected the at the time or were able to check.

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84,000 of infections in Germany

Germany has, according to the Figures of the Johns Hopkins University, the USA, Italy, Spain and China have the highest number of documented infections. More than 84,000 it were, up to Thursday. The number of fatalities in Germany is measured in terms of the total number of detected infections or measured in terms of population with more than 1000 extremely low. Experts attribute this to good care, good hospital care and the fact that in Germany, apparently rather younger people infected, in whom the disease is often mild.

The head of the world health organization (WHO), Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus said in alarm. “I’m at the beginning of the fourth month since the beginning of the Covid-19 pandemic, the rapid increase of cases and the global spread of the infection, deeply concerned,” he said on Wednesday evening. “The number of deaths has doubled in the past week, more than.”

Most of the cases reported in the meantime, the United States: More than only 236,000 infections are detected according to the Johns Hopkins University in the meantime. Italy has at least 115 000, about half the number of proven infections. However, the United States also have 327 million inhabitants, five and a half times as many as Italy (60 million). Close behind Spain, with more than 110,000 reported in Corona cases. In relation to the size of the population of Spain (46 million) is affected by now tougher than Italy.

The values for individual countries can be due to the different test ratio, and the expected high number of unreported cases overall, hard to compare. In addition, the absolute Numbers of lags of the comparison due to the different population sizes. Calculated for 100,000 inhabitants in Germany there are more proven infections in the United States.

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