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To get unexpected praise, it lifts the corners of the mouth and feels as if the compliment-maker has an internally switched on.

“It is meant the compliment seriously, and distributes the brain, hormones of happiness,” says psychologist Eva Wlodarek in the magazine ‘Cosmopolitan’ (issue March/2020). For you a good compliment as a praise-Espresso: spontaneous, short, refreshing.

Interaction of the Praise

What many do not know: There is an interaction between the praised Person, and the Messenger. The mirror neurons in the brain to catch the good mood of the other.

And so you feel good about yourself. Who spread so diligently compliments, make yourself happy.

“People like to say nice things to others, especially pay attention to the positive things and push negative thoughts aside,” said Wlodarek. But be careful: Is not meant to be the compliment seriously, here goes the praise to the rear.

Posture reveals a

Because eyes, voice and posture betrayed a, and it will not work. People have very fine antennas of whether someone thinks of a compliment really, honestly or with ulterior motive to flatter.

Compliments act according to the interaction theory is also in a relationship miracle.

The psychologist recommends a simple Exercise: The loved one every day for a week three compliments to make.

This allows you to discover properties on him again, the man has not perceived in everyday life, possibly even active.

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