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A burning sensation in the lungs, side stitches – who dares as a running novice on his first kilometers, you will know this feeling.

At the beginning of the is also quite normal, that is why one should by no means be discouraged – even condition must build up in the first place.

Although it can be very demotivating, if you are not able to reach his desired distance, time, or the objective, there are still some valuable tips that will help you keep at it and soon all of the other runs away.

So you finally creates longer distances

Regular Jogging is one of the most popular sports. That is right, because the Run is healthy, strengthens the heart and circulatory system, prevents Obesity and makes also fun.

For many runners, however, it is a real challenge to master longer distances, which is the target erforderd endurance, right Atemtechnk, but also mental strength.

Quite so simple it is then, but not with the simple Start, but with a few small assistance, the back of the target loomed ever closer.

1. The run mentally in sections

An imminent run can be scary, especially if you had to give up is often at a certain point.

It can be helpful then, in the distance, or the time in your head into individual shorter sections.

Rather than yourself to convince you that you must complete to run 30 minutes at a stretch, one can imagine, for example, that it is 15 minutes or three Times are actually only two Times ten minutes.

The choice of the sections is, of course, individually – best to choose something you feel really comfortable and what suits you.

2. Small breaks

Of course, it is also okay if you insert in between a small break – go to a piece is not bad.

In addition, you can soak up the monotony of running for a short break and new energy, and then again to really start to take off.

Even marathon runners use these opportunities and provide, for example, by an energy bar for new Power.

Alison Staples, certified running coach, to the Online magazine ‘Self’ to the tip: “It helps tremendously, the hole to break down movements to get a boost of energy that helps to speed up the pace again.”

3. Between stations set

For a successful run, you can choose different points at which you drink, for example a little and take a little break inserts.

This helps, not the unattainable note look at the end of a large goal, but to focus on many small goals that can be reached step for step.

Jes Woods, Trainer desNike Run club, explains: “When I use stations as a Marker, I can concentrate on coming through small, manageable parts of the run. As soon as I reached, I feel motivates me, especially charged and ready, the pace will resume.”

4. The track to the Tempo split

Even if it is perhaps difficult at the beginning, a little slower, because the force is still fully there, you should not give directly to the beginning of everything – the harder it is to be kept at the end.

This is especially true if you have problems with longer distances, because it comes so quickly out of breath or side stitches get.

Concern that a slower pace will achieve no effects of the training, you don’t need to have. The pace of regulatory, you will gain in endurance and orthopedic stability you need for longer distances.

Antonia Hagedorn

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