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You need some variety in your Home Workout then the new Full-Body Workout with the Fitness Influencerin Madfit is just Right for you.

To the rhythm of the new song “Physical” by Dua Lipa shows you different Exercises that claim to any muscle group in the body and you sweat.

Home Workout to the beat of the music

For the entire Workout you need no Equipment except an exercise Mat that prevents that you could be slipping during an Exercise.

In the Video shows you MadFit, as you bring in only four minutes and with a lot of fun to your body in high gear.

Here’s how: This Workout is based on the rhythm of the music, so it just means one thing: pedal to the metal. The entire Workout takes about four minutes.

1. Verse: Squats

During the first verse you set the focus especially on the legs, with the classic squats. For this, you stand up shoulder width, and follow the rhythm of the music two squats.

In a dynamic movement, you put a leg more to the outside, to have a particularly wide Stand – as a result, you claim, especially your Butt.

Also in this state, you will perform two squats, then switch back into something closer to two Squats run.

This sequence of movements you perform for each leg five times and if you move with the music, you should have a perfect Transition into the chorus.


Knee-ups, jumping jacks, and air boxes and go. You start the chorus so that, in your knees Are take turns your upper body.

Attempts to take advantage of your full range of motion, so you especially your abdominal muscles optimally challenging. Each leg you pull a total of four Times as high as possible.

It follows the dynamic Transition in the jumping Jack, it should bring you right into a sweat. After each jumping Jack you’re Boxing with the addition of an Arm in the air.

After three jumping jacks and punches you perform a little Boxeinheit – with each Arm, you punch twice in front of you in the air.

2. Verse: Pushups

For the second verse of the song, you put yourself in the pushup position, with your knees on the ground can remain.

You want to claim your upper body stronger? Then a normal is not push-UPS in which the knees touch the floor and your body in a straight line.

Now you’re in four controlled support by sun. Make sure you’re taking advantage of your personal depth, in order to claim the chest muscles. According to the reps a little stretching exercise follows.

You do this by stretching your arms and your hips moving blanket in the direction of – as you stretch your entire upper body muscles and get ready for the next pass.

Overall, you’re taking two passages, and switch to the chorus.


In the second chorus, the entire sequence of movements is repeated as the first Time – starting with the Knee-ups and the jumping jacks and Boxschlägen.

Do all the Exercises, you’re taking advantage of the entire range of motion, so you can claim all of the fibers of the muscles and of new stimuli sets.

3. Verse: Lunges

In the third stanza is an Exercise for a tight Butt-to-Plan – failure steps. To the rhythm of the music you start with one leg and have three default steps.

After the repetitions of a Knee-up follows directly. This sequence of movements, you will perform a total of four Times. Now, you switch in a jump on the other leg and follow four passages.


The song is coming to an end – now it is, once again, powers, and the Knee-ups, jumping jacks and air punches through.

Together with MadFit you leave the Song with a change from jumping jacks and air punches in the evening.

Michelle Steinmetz

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