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  • A newly resurfaced video showing strongwoman Kathleen Krausse “rolling” frying pans is going viral.
  • You can see Kathleen bending the frying pans in half and rolling each one up like a burrito.
  • She broke the Guinness World Record for this feat of strength.

Back in 2015, German strongwoman Kathleen Krausse broke the world record for most frying pans “rolled” (a.k.a. bent in half and literally rolled up like a burrito) in under a minute, bringing the record up from six frying pans to seven. (She technically rolls eight, but the buzzer goes off right before she finishes! It’s brutal.)

The thing is, no one really saw the video back then, but since it’s been newly resurfaced and posted by Guinness World Records, it’s leaving viewers stunned.

Though rolling a frying pan might seem a little random, it’s a pretty common display of grip strength among strongmen and strongwomen.

Grip strength is a measure of how much force or power you can create with your forearm and hand muscles. It’s important because you work those muscles every time you groceries, walk the dog, or lift a heavy object.

“When you’re doing a workout with challenging weights, grip strength is often the first thing to fail,” Liana Tobin, CSCS, a personal trainer educator for the National Strength and Conditioning Association, told Women’s Health. “That’s because it involves smaller muscles that tire quickly, and they’re typically trained less frequently.”

Kat Ellis, CSCS, coach at The Fort in New York City told Women’s Health that “having good grip strength will help you focus on proper form and mechanics, which means you’ll be able to push yourself to necessary fatigue levels.

You can watch Kathleen’s incredible feat of strength here:

Jealous? At home, try holding a bottle of wine straight out in front of your body while rotating your palm face up and face down to improve your grip strength.

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