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Closed Restaurants, schools, and fitness studios – is currently placed in many countries around the ordinary everyday life to a standstill, in order to keep the further spread of the Coronavirus as low as possible.

In Germany, no output prevails yet lock, but the measures have intensified within a short period of time.

You are allowed to leave the house just to make purchases, doctor’s visits, to exercise or to drive to work, if this is not already moved to the home office.

In addition, it is possible to continue alone Sport in the fresh air and go for a walk – with a maximum of a foreign Person or the family that lives in a household.

According to an American study, these measures could continue, particularly in the USA, for several months.

Social isolation on the discharge of the health care system

The Coronavirus can currently be hard to stop, the speed of its spread, however, already.

By social distancing, many countries, including the United States and Germany try to relieve the pressure on the health system, so that intensive care units of free capacity for Covid-19-have Diseased.

The study by the Harvard T. H. Chan School of Public Health in Boston shows that one would have to work in the United States with multiple isolation periods, to relieve the hospitals for the long term.

It should vary the insulation in each of the American territories, and the infection rate is up – the only way to ensure that all seriously ill people receive adequate care.

Instead, Tests would have to be extended and the capacity of hospitals to be extended to the Double. Including additional ventilation equipment and skilled personnel for the care of patients.

Measures could continue until 2022

For their study, the experts studied periods, different scenarios of Isolation. This showed that the health system would be even overwhelmed in a five-month adherence to the isolation measures, especially in changing seasons.

Social distance has, therefore, also have disadvantages – due to the limited contact many of the people remained according to the researchers, healthy and not immunized against the Coronavirus.

As soon as the measures were repealed, it could occur, therefore a second, even stronger wave of Infection. Especially in the Winter, in the people who have to spend lot of time indoors, increases the risk of infection is particularly.

In the future, recurring measures of social distancing would be the only way to get the American health system. Without improved capacities of this process would drag on and on until 2022.

By investing in more resources, the hospitals, the measures could be adjusted according to the study, in February 2021, should be no prescription drug was developed.

How is it in Germany?

Also, the Germans are encouraged to go on social distance – Professor Christian Drosten, head of Virology at the Charité hospital in Berlin, considers the measures taken for effective decision-making, as he explains in a NDR-Info-Podcast.

An even stricter curfew, to protect the health care system, he was yet more critical: “Now it is relatively hard to come by, if there is something on top of it, such as a curfew: What now a difference? There are no data at all, neither in Germany nor anywhere else in the other studies, in modeling studies.“

He also pointed out that a British study suggests, to get the measures for the Isolation of a few months – even if the case is difficult.

Alternatively, the British researchers consider an interval approach to be possible – so stringent contact regulations, as long as the case numbers are still very high, and an easing of the measures, if the number of new infections drops noticeably.

As soon as she was rising due to the increased human contact again, would have to be tightened up the rule again.

Drosten keeps this approach in theory makes sense, but it would have to persist in the practice for over two years, which was not kept according to his assessment, by.

He considers it however to be realistic, the Numbers of patients needed to be treated in intensive care units, to keep the current measures until the summer just so low that the health system must not surrender.

It is important then, to find effective drugs or a vaccine against the novel Coronavirus.


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