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Mark Wahlberg is not letting the coronavirus pandemic shut down his workouts.

The actor, whose workout routine went viral in 2018 when he revealed that his training starts at 2:30 in the morning, has been staying busy during quarantine by ramping up his already jam-packed training routine. Now, he’s doing more than just encouraging his followers to do the same.

“Hey everybody at home, make sure you’re doing everything you can to stay as healthy as possible,” he said in a recent gym video. “Sanitizing, staying clean, staying fit, getting the proper rest, proper exercise, doing everything you can to boost your immune system.”

Now, he’s calling out a time and place that they can try to hang with him (virtually, of course). He used another post to announce he’s hosting a workout for all of his followers on March 26 on his F45 gym’s Instagram Live page.

“I’m coming to everyone’s home this Thursday at 4pm (Pacific time) NO NEED FOR EQUIPMENT! Let’s all workout together and try to clear our minds during these difficult times. Workout will go live at 4pm PT on @f45_training See you then! #athomeworkout #noequipmentneeded,” he captioned his post.

Wahlberg chats with one of his daughters and F45 trainer Shannon Helm on video in the announcement post. Helm explains the workout on deck is a no-equipment Gravity workout, so everyone can take part no matter what type of gear they have at their disposal. “The Gravity session will accelerate your skills in becoming a better functioning athlete,” the F45 website notes. “The session will dramatically improve fitness levels, flexibility, mental toughness, plyometric skills, agility skills, and aerobic conditioning.”

“Alright, we want everyone to tune into F45’s official Instagram page Thursday, March 26 at 4pm Pacific time… Let’s go. Let’s get after it. It’s a crucial time. We gotta keep moving, we gotta keep motivated, and keep working hard,” Wahlberg says in the video.

And he’s already got some of his famous friends pumped.

“Let’s go!!” Mario Lopez, a frequent Wahlberg workout pal, commented. If you drop in, you’ll be far from alone.

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