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Of a crisp behind a part of many women’s dreams. But why only dream, when a beautiful flip-side is easy to implement?

Regularly run a few simple strength exercises can make for a beautiful muscle mass on the buttocks, and the rear legs.

The Best part of the cute butt Exercises: you not only your butt, but also strengthen the entire body – especially the abdominal muscles will also stressed by the standing versions.

Booty Gains through variety

In order to permanently ensure muscle growth, it is important that the Exercises and number of repetitions to vary the passages, so that the muscles do not to the stimulus used.

Should you’re new to strength training or looking for new movements to be able to be these three Exercises for just the right Inspiration for you.

You aim perfectly on the muscle strands in the Po. Since the bottom does not have to wait long.

1. Glute Bridge

THE Exercise par excellence, if you want a plump Butt slap want. It is important that your feet are stable on the floor and pressing with the heels upwards.

If you want to bring your Pomuskeln really Burn, you should try you to Hip Thrusts. The sequence of Movement of this Exercise is quite similar.

However, your upper body rests raised on a Bank, and as an additional factor for you to push with your Butt a barbell rod (with washers) to the top.

2. Lunges

Lunges shape the legs and to speak through the tension in the Core. What you don’t see: True, default Exercises running steps true Booty-Killer.

Make sure when Lowering the leg that the knee does not touch the floor so the muscles are continuously tense and in addition, the movement is slower and more precise.

You’re accustomed to the Exercise, you can resort to additional Weights in order to trigger your muscles even more.

3. Sumo Squats

Even if you’re used to normal Squats, will present this special Variation is certainly a challenge. Through the other, open Stand, your leg muscles get unfamiliar stimuli.

You have become accustomed to performing, you can make the Exercise peaceful by additional Weights, or a fitness band is more challenging.

You try in addition to the Sumo Squats, also like other variations of the squat. All of them are perfect to strengthen Butt and leg muscles.

Cornelia Bertram

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