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Kevin Hart Reveals His Natural Gray Hair While Social Distancing, Says He’s a “Frequent Dyer”

The couple recently announced the new addition on Instagram with a shot of Eniko’s pregnant belly. “Baby #2 in the midst of all of this we’re counting our blessings and couldn’t be more grateful!” she wrote on Instagram March 24. “Soon to be a family of 6 #glowingandgrowing.”

“They are both thrilled about her being pregnant again,” a source told PEOPLE in an issue published earlier this month. “Their marriage is stronger than ever.”

The “stronger” news comes after the comedian cheated on Eniko when she was eight months pregnant with their first child together, now-2-year-son Kenzo Kash (Kevin is also dad to son Hendrix, 12, and daughter Heaven, 15, from his first marriage).

Kevin, 40, owned up to his transgressions and addressed them publicly in his Netflix series Don’t F**k It Up.

The baby news came just a month after the actor and comedian appeared on the February 2020 cover of Men’s Health, where Eniko opened up about the transformation she has seen in her husband since he suffered major back injuries in a September car crash.

“There were times where he was here but not really here,” Eniko said in the issue. “Not to say he wasn’t a family man before, but he’s expressed that the accident made him make up for some of the time missed because of work.”

In 2018, Kevin told PEOPLE that Eniko was hoping for another baby — but joked that he wasn’t keen on every parental duty: “I’m not changing no diapers. I’m not gonna lie. [I’ll] do everything else.”

Eniko also hinted at a wanting another baby that year, posting an Instagram throwback photo of the couple when she was pregnant with Kenzo. “Missin’ that belly … sike! maybe just a little … ” she captioned the snap.

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