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In a majority of patients who had received a new hip, improved the pain in my lower back. This researchers at the Hospital for Special Surgery in New York City reported on the virtual meeting of the "American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons".

Of 500 patients, half complained, almost in front of your hip replacement surgery, also about pain in the lower back. 82 percent of them were low back pain a year after you get your new hip, disappeared. Also, the degree of disability was decreased from moderate to minimal.

On closer examination, showed that the improvement in the back pain only when the patients arrived, their spine and pelvis during the Transition from Standing to Sitting at a ratio of more than 10 degrees to each other moving. In the case of the "steiferen" Patients the back pain subsided however.

Hüft – or Wirbelsäulen-Operation?

The specialist for knee surgery, hip and spine arthritis Dr. Jonathan M. Vigdorchik said: "For patients, it is important to know that hip and spine arthritis often coexist, and the back pain of a person after a hip replacement surgery is often better."

Vigdorchik is of the opinion that the results can help in the decision, if both a hip and a spinal Operation is thought: In certain cases, a hip replacement would make sense, because the back pain to disappear after that, predictable and reliable.


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