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The novel Coronavirus (also COVID-19) has changed the lives of many people abruptly. In Germany, too, the dramatic effects caused by the Virus dissemination can be felt, clearly. The information is often opaque – a lot of Fake News spreading on the net. So it’s high time that the star-DISKUTHEK in a special broadcast to the many questions of the User. Via Youtube, Instagram and Facebook during the LIVE broadcast, many of the User-collected questions and then answered.

The complete DISKUTHEK follow-up to the corona of a crisis, you can see here:

Virologist Jonas Schmidt-Chanasit of Hamburg’s Bernhard-Nocht-Institute, answered in an interview with DISKUTHEK-presenter Melanie stone a lot of questions and gives in-depth assessments of the course of the corona of a crisis. When we can live back to normal? How does the Virus in Germany? Schmidt-Chanasit has been doing research for years on exotic viruses and explained in the DISKUTHEK again in front of the camera, such as proper hand-Washing goes.

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DISKUTHEK-special to the corona of a crisis with a virologist Schmidt-Chanasit

Our DISKUTHEK-guest: Jonas Schmidt-Chanasit is a virologist, head of virus diagnostics at the Bernhard-Nocht-Institute for tropical medicine and Professor at the University of Hamburg.

The guiding questions of the DISKUTHEK broadcast to the corona crisis:

You can see in the Video: DISKUTHEK to the Social obligation of the year

Moderator: Melanie Stone

Editors: Hendrik Hold Man, Karin Stawski, Melanie Stone

Editorial Staff: Jennifer Frog

Camera: Edgars Noskovs

Live Director: Christoph von Gülich

Graphics: Edgars Noskovs

Graphic Design: Vladislav Estrin, Edgars Noskovs

Executive editor star-Video: Hendrik hold man

Project Management: Katharina Greven, Horst

Production Director, recording Director: Christoph von Gülich

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