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Melissa Rauch Releases Children's Book The Tales of Tofu & Reflects on Her Journey to Motherhood

In the end, Rauch said she hoped other expectant mothers would learn from her example and let themselves off the hook.

"It's okay to grieve how you thought things would be," she said. "I had such feelings of guilt that I should just be grateful for a healthy pregnancy rather than focus on the less than ideal situation surrounding it. But those two feelings aren't mutually exclusive — you can be thankful to be on the verge of having a baby and pissed that you have to deal with this unfair s— show."

"Although none of us has a crystal ball to predict how our children will be brought into this surreal world, there are some things I do know. Namely, you are stronger than you think — more than you ever imagined possible," she added. "And also my perineum hurts the same excruciating amount that it did after my last birth. So the good news is that some things about birthing are exactly the same, pandemic or not."

"You are not alone," Rauch continued. "All of us … are in this together. Just as I reminded myself, you can do this, you will do this, and you will do so with the fierceness of all the powerful warrior women before you who have brought life — and hope — into this world during the most unfathomable of times."

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