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A blow with the Hammer on the wrong nail, a hard bump or something Heavy, the thunders on the toe, and then it happened: Under the nail, a dark bruise is spreading. This so-called subungual hematoma can be very painful. What helps now, you can find here.

The black discoloration, in itself, looks pretty, grows out with the nail by itself. Patience is needed here, because this process can &ndash to place; Foot or Finger – a few to several months. Occurs under the nail after an injury, however, a lot of blood, the only thing that helps is a pressure relief, by the blood that is trapped under the nail, is drained. For this purpose, the doctor can escape with the help of a heated paperclip, a sterile needle or a scalpel, a small hole in the nail to drill, through which the blood. What might sound barbaric, get a fast relief from the pain, is it from the doctors side. This measure, however, can be carried out only in the first time after the injury.

However, caution is advised when a black-brownish spot or strip is formed without external influence, and self disappears. Here, it may be the black skin cancer, which can arise not only on the skin, but also nails. Such a stain should be examined in every case of a skin doctor.


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