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Brie Bella’s Son, Buddy Dessert

Twin sisters Nikki and Brie Bella welcomed their new bundles of joy just 22 hours apart, with Nikki giving birth to son Matteo Artemovich on July 31, and Brie welcoming son Buddy Dessert on Aug. 1. 

Buddy is the second child for Brie and her husband, wrestler Daniel Bryan, with whom she also shares 3-year-old daughter Birdie. 

“For his middle name, I really wanted to incorporate my family,” Brie told PEOPLE. “Birdie’s middle name is Joe after my grandfather, who just meant the world to me. So I wanted Buddy to have something of my grandmother. Her last name, her maiden name, is Dessert. When you look at it, people are going to say Dessert, because it’s French. But it’s pronounced ‘desert.’ “

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Frankie Ballard’s Daughter, Pepper Lynn

The country singer and wife Christina welcomed their first child on Feb. 8, 2020, and announced her veggie-inspired name on Instagram.

“God gave us a DAUGHTER!!!” Christina wrote, before revealing her name: “Pepper🌶 Lynn Ballard ⚡️⁣”

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Drew Barrymore’s Daughter, Olive Barrymore Kopelman

Barrymore told Ellen DeGeneres, “I was reading a book with my husband [ex Will Kopelman]. I was three months pregnant and they said your baby is the size of an olive, and that was it. We never looked back.”

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Courteney Cox’s Daughter, Coco Arquette

She may not be named after chocolate exactly, but it’s pretty dang close. 

Coco’s dad, David Arquette said of the choice, “It’s sort of an abbreviation of ‘COurtney COx’ … ‘CoCo.’ ” We imagine Coco is as sweet as her name suggests! 

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Gwyneth Paltrow’s Daughter, Apple Martin

Paltrow told Oprah, “When we were first pregnant, her daddy [Chris Martin] said, ‘If it’s a girl I think her name should be Apple.’ It sounded so sweet, and it conjured such a lovely picture for me, you know? Apples are so sweet and they’re wholesome, and it’s biblical. I just thought it sounded so lovely.”

Well, it’s clear that she’s the Apple of her mom’s eye. 

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Josh Holloway’s Daughter, Java

The LOST star loves the Java — and the Java loves him! 

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Josh Turner’s Son, Colby 

The country singer’s 10-year-old son (pictured in the center with his brothers and parents) has the same name as one of our favorite dairy products. Who doesn’t love some cheese!?  

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Bear Grylls’ Son, Huckleberry

The adventurer chose an adventurous name for his son when he picked the wild fruit as his moniker. 

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Jamie Oliver’s Daughter, Poppy

It’s no wonder that the famous chef chose a food-inspired name for his daughter, pictured far left. Her full name is Poppy Honey Rosie Oliver. 

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Toni Collette’s Daughter, Sage 

The unisex named proved popular for Collette, who welcomed her daughter, Sage Florence, into the world in January 2008. The Aussie actress said of the choice, “I named my daughter Sage because I felt like she was already teaching me in the womb, and she has continued to do that.”

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Barry Watson and Natasha Gregson Wagner’s Daughter, Clover Clementyne

The 7th Heaven star and his wife, daughter of the late Natalie Wood, named their little girl something lucky and sweet when they went for Clover Clementyne. 

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Jason Bateman’s Daughter, Maple 

The Ozark star and his wife, Amanda Anka, chose a syrupy sweet name for their youngest daughter. 

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Kurt Cobain and Courtney Love’s Daughter, Frances Bean Cobain 

Frances is a pretty normal choice of name, but Bean is an interesting pick. Rumor has it, Frances’ father chose the name after seeing that his baby girl looked like a kidney bean during an ultrasound. 

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Jack Nicholson’s Daughter, Honey Hollman

Honey, whose mom is Winnie Hollman, was born in 1981 in Denmark. She followed in her dad’s footsteps for a short amount of time, acting in the Danish film Empire North, but doesn’t otherwise spend much time in the spotlight.

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