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Alcohol and drugs do not fit together, this is probably the most people known. But other drinks can affect medicines, sometimes with dangerous consequences.


"Whether or not reinforced, weaker or even no effect, sudden heart palpitations, dizziness, or Nausea: alcohol makes the drugs unpredictable,” says Thomas Brückner, pharmacist at the Association of the Pharmaceutical industry e. V. (BPI).

Especially in the case of sleep, and sedatives, antidepressants or other psychotropic drugs is to be expected with problems. Alcohol also changes the metabolism so that the drug contained active ingredients are more slowly degraded. Effects and side effects can persist longer. In the worst case, it can lead to poisoning.

Who has been drinking alcohol, you should take in the Rest of the next day is not a Paracetamol to combat the hangover: Both are metabolized in the liver, which leads to the fact that the detoxification process is slower. In the worst case, liver damage.


Milk, caution is sometimes warranted. Blame the Calcium is Together with specific active ingredients, the milk may form a sparingly soluble compound, for example in the case of antibiotics. The result: the body cannot absorb the active ingredient and leaves him. The drug works poorly or not at all.

Mineral water

With Calcium and iron-enriched mineral water can also reduce the effect of some medications. Throughout the day you must end up: between the taking of medicines and minerals at least two hours, patients to be on the safe side.

Coffee, tea and Cola

Caffeine has a stimulating effect on the body, but can cause interactions with medicines. Some antibiotics block the breakdown of caffeine in the body. The result: restlessness, heart palpitations and rising blood pressure. Before you apply to tea, coffee, Cola or Energy Drinks, you should read the package insert of the prescribed antibiotic or the pharmacist questions.

Grapefruit juice

The Furanocumarine and flavonoids which block an enzyme in the body that breaks down drugs. The result: many drugs such as blood pressure, medications for erectile dysfunction, Cholesterol-lowering drugs, sleeping pills, and some cancer preparations, the concentration of the active ingredients in the blood increases. Thus, an Overdose is imminent; in the worst case, symptoms of intoxication are possible. This is true not only for juice but also, if the fruit is eaten in one piece.

Nothing wrong with you, if you are taking medicines along with a big glass of tap water.


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