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In one analysis, researchers at the Hans-Böckler Foundation, has warned that a hasty exit from the Corona restrictions. From a health policy from an economic point of view the loosening of the contact restrictions for the containment of the pandemic should be “not in haste, but in well-prepared steps,” says a short study conducted by the Institute for macroeconomics and economic research (IMK) of the trade Union, the middle Foundation, which was presented on Tuesday.

A hasty cancellation of the existing restrictions, the mountains, the danger is that it “to shoot a new Up” of Corona infections come from, the contact restrictions would have to be re-tightened and it will come at the end of longer “and thus be economically more expensive” restrictions. The easing steps will have to be communicated in addition, “with enough lead”. “It is important that the contact restrictions will be sustainably eased, as you will be quickly relaxed,” said Sebastian Dullien, Scientific Director of IMK.

The risk of a “Stop-and-Gos”

The cost of the contact restrictions increased with a Last, about the beginning of may, disproportionately, because of the risk of the waxes that come to company bankruptcies. Every month with the same contact restrictions cost according to the estimate of the researchers are about one percentage point of growth – in addition to the four per cent shrinkage of gross domestic product (GDP), with which the IMK expects for 2020 now.

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But the risk of a “Stop-and-Gos” with another blanket closures of schools, cradle in the retail and gastronomy is difficult, warned Dullien. At the end of the total duration of the interruptions in Operation count. “If now for two weeks, everything will be opened and then need to again for two months, nothing will be gained.”

Rough Simulations of the IPM with widely used epidemiological models show that could be set to a loosening within a few weeks, an exponential infection growth, if not at the same time the reproduction rate is significantly and sustainably reduced. The key points for an opening strategy would have to be communicated “in the next few days, it is clear and practically feasible”, if a relaxation is to start at the beginning of may.

Researchers give recommendations for loosening of the Coronavirus-measures

In a first step, there should be rules according to the researchers, the rapid implementation of infection control and distance in day-care centres, schools, retail and gastronomy go. This includes, among other things, to the requirements of the necessary tags and Hygiene rules for the re-opening of the module.

In schools and day-care centres should, where possible, be taken by separation, and “Kohortierung” of certain groups, first of all, there is a partial operation. So each class could have lessons only every second day. In shops and service enterprises in General, walls with separation and, depending on the size, first of all, with the inlet restrictions are working.

The experts argued also for a General obligation to Wear a simple mouth-nose protection masks on the public roads. A quick ramp-up of the domestic production would be useful; the government should encourage this by means of large orders and long delivery contracts.

Great importance to the experts at trade fairs significantly increased test capacity, nation-wide opportunities for Tracking, and Information of contact persons. Also, the use of mobile Apps should be tested, however, as far as possible without centralized storage of contact or motion profiles and time-limited.

At least as important as a speedy lifting of contact restrictions on the economy for a recovery that cross-border supply chains will be reactivated and the world economy stabilizes, said Dullien. At the European level, more flexibility of the Federal government in the so-called Corona, had asked Bonds to achieve a coordinated stabilization of the cross-border trade with the EU partners.

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