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The world in a few months: All the shops, Restaurants and Cafes have re-opened and invite you to Stroll and linger. People ride subways and buses to work. In the Park, yoga groups, and recreational athletes meet, to the lakes the sun are hungry. Everyone is still trying to keep a distance. All want to forget the dark time, the long shadows in this new presence throws. The worst is already over, ask yourself. Still, there are many carriers of the Corona Virus, the case numbers could rise again. But something is different. The people armed: All the wearing mouth-nose protection. It masks-is compulsory”“. Who carries out not pay a high fine.

Could masks to accelerate our return to normality?

A realistic scenario? Could masks to accelerate our return to a new normality? Of course, not alone but in a bundle with all the measures that are now imposed and planned for the future. In neighboring countries, the mask duty is introduced, the Czech Republic, she has for the past two weeks, in Austria, recently, for the supermarket, shopping is mandatory. Also, the top of the US center for disease control authority CDC will wear the Mask in Public, probably recommend, reports the Washington Post.

Exit from the crisis

Money or life: What is more important to us – the economic rescue, or a human life?

For Germany, the SPD-health expert Karl Lauterbach calls for you, in Jena, you will apply from next Monday, the Federal government keeps you so far is unnecessary.

Otherwise, the scientists who have gathered in the fight against the disease, a first victory can see. George Gao, Director of the Chinese Center for Disease Control and Prevention, said in an Interview with the leading scientific journal Science: “The big mistake in the US and Europe is, in my opinion, is that the people do not wear masks.” From China, currently only few new Infections are reported, the factories re-open, the output were lifted lock. The virologist Yuen Kwok-Yung, who had worked in the Corona-crisis staff of Hong Kong, said in an Interview, Hong Kong got the epidemic only under control because, in addition to other measures, such as hand washing and Social Distancing was also recommended the Wearing of masks at an early stage.

E. v. Hirschhausen: Sprechstunde

The masks-Manifesto – a plea for the Vermummungs bid

With Japan and South Korea, two other countries report only a few new cases, are widely used in protective masks. Of course, a bill to be simple, the suggest would be: These countries defeat the Virus with masks. Firstly, the Numbers are not always reliable, the Chinese data will be questioned by experts in Japan is only little tested. However, the health system is not there, apparently, before the collapse, life goes on as normal. In South Korea the disease have detected fighters at an early stage of potentially infected persons to contact, quarantine and so the chain of Infection at an early stage is interrupted. For this, they resorted, as well as China or Hong Kong, also on the country’s controversial cell phone tracking a App is made to find where the Infected are and whether they comply with their quarantine.

Celebrities to advertise with the Hashtag #maskeauf for the substance

In Germany, the theme of masks is increasingly hot. Many celebrities advertise under the Hashtag #maskeauf that everyone should be out there with a bear, the doctor of the Nation Eckart von Hirschausen published an appeal to the Public. However, before you should even considering this, is to take the first question: how? Everywhere there is a lack of the necessary protective equipment, hospitals and Physicians to send the alarm calls to the policy, because the supplies were running low. On the market, rogue providers, the demand sky-high prices and even hospitals counterfeiting under cheer try romp. Hard to get only the so-called FFP2 and FFP3 masks, which offer thanks to a special Filter and a good fit and a high level of protection against viruses and for nurses and Doctors is important, the directly to the Infected work are no longer. Also, the traditional mouth-nose protection is already in short supply.

Lingerie Manufacturer Mey

"The masks are a small step to Freiheit"

Into the breach jumped a number of German textile manufacturer, which is due to business closures are break the paragraphs. Where previously, under pants, Bras, shirts, and sports clothes have been produced, sew the employees now masks in quantities of Millions. Customers: police, fire brigade, rescue forces, government agencies, but also hospitals and even University hospitals. While the masks are already being delivered, many in parallel, to achieve recognition as a medical product, for which European standards apply.

Lingerie Manufacturer Mey

"The masks are a small step to Freiheit"

The lingerie manufacturer Mey has converted a part of his machinery to the production of masks. A conversation with managing Director Matthias Mey protective clothing, certificates, and missing the help of the policy.

Harald Notz-Lajtkep from the Hohenstein Institute, which carries out such tests, reported test orders from more than 20 manufacturers. However, there is wild growth all other materials and Nähvorlagen, there is hardly a producer knows the complicated certification rules. “We got at the beginning, no support from the authorities, or ministries,“ says Matthias Mey, Managing Partner of the group of companies Mey, the star: “as a result, we have significant external legal and consulting costs invested to give us reasonably secure.” Also organisation like the Red cross or the Malteser auxiliary send instructions to the population. If you can, to shirts from old cotton or linen masks in home work finished.

Federal Minister of health holds a mask of duty for unnecessary

The whole of Germany sew – but the policy took it a long time without comment. It is not until this Tuesday afternoon rang up Federal Minister of health, Jens Spahn by Wearing mouth-nose protection as a “solidarity act“ to recognize, a mask, a duty he considers is unnecessary. Also the Robert Koch Institute said Wednesday evening on the Website is positive – a request of the star to an official Statement a few days ago, the spokesperson dismissed with the reference to the “lack of evidence“ for the effectiveness of this measure against the spread of the pandemic. That is, it lacks scientific evidence. The world health organization WHO becomes entangled while in the contradictions, it recommends that the Mask only in the Presence of Corona-symptoms – also carrier of the virus can be highly infectious, which show no symptoms.

In fact, a traditional mouth-nose protection is good only for self-protection, of the Filter is not permeable for viruses, the mask fits not perfectly to the shape of your face, by columns next to the nose and cheeks penetrates potentially contaminated ambient air. On the other hand, is recognized among experts for a long time, that Infected can self-shield with a few simple precautions from their environment. “It can be quite simple. If I sneeze, then I distribute the smallest droplets,“ says the virologist Christian Drosten in one of his Podcasts. “And if I have a piece of cloth in front of the mouth, which can be either a cellulose cloth as in the case of a purchased mask, or it can also be a scarf or anything, these large droplets are then intercepted. There’s nothing to it you can discuss. And of course this is good.”

The AWMF guideline “hygiene requirements for selected respiratory-borne infectious diseases,“ recommends that the (medically certified) mouth-nose protection waiting expressly for patients-areas or also highly contagious patients who need to leave their isolation rooms. He is even considered to be so safe that even nurses or Doctors are allowed to work with him, the Coronavirus may already be in, because you have had unprotected contact with Infected and could jeopardise therefore, patients – at least in the case of a shortage of staff.


Like the authorities in Brussels, Berlin, and the countries on the hunt for protection masks

Why should it be so effective protective barrier in crowded subways, buses and Shopping Malls then less effective? It is more than plausible that the further spread of the pandemic could be contained by a mask of duty in addition. However, Wearing a mouth-nose protection is in the Public domain, most importantly, an altruistic gesture: “I bless you“. Not: “I protect me“. If everyone understood, would perhaps not everyone is ready to leave the professional masks to those who need them so desperately, but do not get Doctors and nurses to themselves and their non-infected patients to protect against Corona. That is the great fear of Jens Spahn, as he did at yesterday’s press conference, is clear: That private people snatch away the already scarce and the hospitals and doctor’s offices.

Mask-makers could weigh into a false sense of security

Influence on the spread of a pandemic would take such a mask of duty, but only then, if all do it – even those who are infected feel no symptoms. Those who currently represent the dangerous dark figure. And sense you would also only then, if all do it right. A danger is that your carrier lulled into a false sense of security, says virologist Drosten: “One washes the hands, and perhaps also the one with the masks wrong, and touches again in the face, because it Tinkers around with the mask, always.“ A mask of duty would have to be of a great educational campaign accompanies it. But it is right and legitimate witch-work, training, exist videos, and finally, the Germans have learned by now that the hands are clean, if you have twice “All my Ducklings” is sung, and the thumb and edge of Hand does not forget.

But the cloth masks, which come in millions of number of pieces in home-working and textile factories in Germany are able to offer, at all approximately the same protective effect as the certified one-way mouth-nose protection with its special Filters? An older study, no, a surgical mask, so it offers twice the protection as the self-made. But what is the Standard for a home-made mask? There is no, each one is different.

The hygiene expert Heinz-Peter Werner, of the self in the creation of several European standards for medical products worked and the German-Austrian test laboratory HygCen established, sought after the last Sars epidemic in the year 2006 on behalf of a Swiss Foundation, according to the best recipe for a homemade mask, the internal study is the star before. The assumed scenario: A pandemic breaks out, Switzerland imposed a protective mask is compulsory for the aisle in front of the door, but unfortunately, there are no masks available. “We have experimented, what is home is the cabinets and what you get in any supermarket: kitchen rolls, cosmetic towels, dish towels, bed sheets and so on,“ recalls the Deputy technical Manager, medical product testing, Monika Feltgen. The result surprised everyone. The best protective masks achieved a bacterial filter efficiency of more than 95 percent, which meets the requirements of the EN standard.

Contrary to German experts and politicians have so far shown, it is apparently also home to and with the simplest means possible, a mask that protects just as effectively against infections such as a medicine product. Smears, says Feltgen, you have to make with other requirements of the standard, for example, the breathing resistance. “If the is too high, you can breathe so well through the textile.“ Therefore, such masks would not be still permissible for the Medicine, at least as long as it is not the pure Need. “But for home use you can tolerate this for the case that the infection protection is to be on top,“ said Feltgen.

Soon, the first textile manufacturers could meet the standard of a medical product

No textile manufacturer has complied with the EN standard to a medical device, but this is probably only a matter of time. In the Hygcen-testing laboratory excelled last week, a construction of the Minden company, Sitex, making normally, OP-coats and cover cloths. The new masks have a removable Filter made of special fleece material that is disposed of after a single use, the mask itself can be washed. In the testing the bacterial filtration efficiency was more than 99 per cent, in addition, the mask have a special coating that is impervious to splashes and droplets, says Feltgen.

Thus, the product corresponds to the requirements of the highest of the three type classes for the traditional mouth-nose-protection: 2R. “Can safely be worn in the operating room.” The manufacturer Sitex will seek a “special permit” of the Federal Institute for drugs and medical devices the BfArM. Also Notz-Lajtkep from the Hohenstein Institute says that there are already manufacturers that have at least reached the type 2 – no approval for the operating room, but also you are likely to be used in the hospital.

All of these manufacturers provide blueprints, which could lead Germany out of the dangerous shortage of supply. Also there seems to be the perfect sewing-for-yourself DIY masks. But, as so often in Germany, there is a lack of Central leadership. Someone should have the tremendous creativity and creativity that unfolds across the country, in an orderly not directing, so it fizzles. All the seamstresses and Closer to could soon produce millions of masks, with whom we the Other in the best possible way in front of us be able to protect.

Then a “mask is mandatory for all would be” not an unrealistic goal anymore – as long as the new Coronavirus is rampant anyway. In the best case, you would be an important building block to the pandemic effect to curb full. And in the worst case? Damage you will not in any case – that would then have to view even the most skeptical.

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