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A cat has been infected in Belgium in the case of a people with the Coronavirus attached. The case of the Belgian food safety Agency AFSCA reported on its website. So far there is no evidence that the Virus is transmitting from animals to humans or to other animals.


Ebola, Aids, Covid-19 – when diseases skip from animals to humans

The cat in Belgium and two dogs in Hong Kong are the only known cases in which Pets have infected in infected people. The dogs had shown no symptoms, the cat had a temporary respiratory and digestive complaints had. On Friday, the health had informed authorities under the veterinary medical faculty of the University of liège about the case.

Risk of transmission is low

The AFSCA said: “The risk of Transmission of the Virus from domestic animals to humans is negligible compared to the transfer of risk through direct contact of people with each other.”

Anyway, will strongly recommend to follow the usual hygiene rules. Part of it, to avoid too close contact with the animal, especially if it is itself sick. After each Stroke, you should wash the hands, not of the pet in the face to make him lick, writes the AFSCA.

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