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The novel Coronavirus keeps the world in breath – and also more and more on the everyday operations in Germany.

As kilos of noodles and canned goods to be hoarded, the toilet paper in the supermarket, empty, buying, and disinfectants, as well as breathing protection masks turn out to be suddenly as a sought-after store of Value.

More and more major events are cancelled, and the upcoming football match of the Bundesliga games will take place in front of empty stands.

The Coronavirus affects the everyday life?

But how much are the Germans from the Coronavirus Sars can be CoV-2 in your personal routines affect? Be now avoided all gatherings of people, in fear of being infected with the Virus?

This would be the case, would have to remain the gyms empty, finally, to train and sweat here, a lot of people is dense – an ideal place for germs, viruses and co.

A FIT-FOR-FUN survey in cooperation with Civey, however, shows that the least fitness Studio, visitors of the fear of the Coronavirus to be swayed.

In the survey period from 03.03.2020 to 08.03.2020 about 1,500 people took part in the survey – your answers will convey a clear trend.

Coronavirus: No fear of contagion in the Gym

Three-quarters of the respondents do not limit their sports activity in the gym, therefore, due to the Virus.

Only the minority (15.8 percent) would currently have to Dodge more on a Home Workout or the workout completely fail, as the potential contagion risk.

The women are a little more cautious: 20.1 percent stay away from the Gym, while the men only 12.7 percent.

And in the age categories, there are differences: Among the 40 – to 49-year-olds every Fourth person avoids almost sweaty crowds of people in the gym (23.7 percent).

In the case of the 18 – to 29-year-olds, in contrast, only 12.6 percent, while the seem to make 30 – to 39-year-old hardly any thoughts about a possible risk of infection (4.1 per cent).

Not to go due to the possible risk of Infection, as usual, to the gym, according to the experts of the Robert Koch Institute, is also not absolutely necessary.

Only when in the immediate vicinity of the suspected cases were reported, one should refrain from going to the gym.

Above all, it is important in the fight against the Coronavirus, appropriate Hygiene to be maintained. This applies to all aspects of everyday life – and thus for Training with dumbbells and devices.

Healthy caution, but no panic

A basic concern of the citizens is, of course, feel still. A further survey with 5,000 respondents shows at least.

It comes to big events, so almost 70 per cent are of the opinion that this caution should not half to be canceled.

After all, approximately 55 percent of another survey of 3,000 persons, in favour of a restriction of international travel.

Wait and wash your hands

Currently, these far-reaching measures of experts and politicians are hotly debated, risk and Benefits weighed against each other.

Private individuals remains in the meantime, nothing else, when the results of the consultations, as well as to wait for any of the following measures and to wash regularly your hands thoroughly.

Cornelia Bertram

*The post “in Spite of the Coronavirus to the Gym: How the Virus affects your everyday life?” is published by FitForFun. Contact with the executives here.