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When Swimming out – for many people this is a Horror idea. Great happiness of a patient, the current diagnosis result is: to be A lifeguard, the unconscious woman moved just in time out of the water. Already on the edge of the pool the woman was fully conscious again. In the ambulance they came in a clinic. What had triggered the fainting?

Podcast "The Diagnose"

Enigmatic Suffering on the trail: "Crucial note in addition to set fallen"

People lose consciousness when the brain is not sufficiently supplied with oxygen. Heart rhythm and circulatory disorders or Diabetes can cause impotence. However, the woman looks at first glance to be healthy: heart, lungs, but also blood pressure are unremarkable. Even Diabetes she has.

A doctor finally discovered the reason for the attack: He’s sitting the woman literally in the neck.

“The diagnosis” – all 19 episodes are available to download

The Podcast “The diagnosis” with Dr. Anika Geisler every two weeks – on Audio Now, the new platform of RTL Radio Deutschland, and on Spotify and iTunes. So far have appeared in the series:

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