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We should start as early as possible today to avoid sugar? As children, we were warned constantly against the harmful, and even dangerous sugar: “Not so many sweets, otherwise, the teeth fall out you”, is a phrase that you often get from parents and dentists to hear. But now sugar is in the danger level up risen: He is no longer considered only as a cause of caries, but also of Diabetes and Obesity.

In recent years, the “fear has increased,” sugar – the one and a half hour Arte documentary “The big sugar lie” is dedicated to the harmful effects of sugar and how the industry is trying to cover up this. It will be increasingly alerted to the tons of sugar that the food industry adds to their products. More and more frequently we encounter “sugar-free” Alternatives and recipes that are prepared with “natural sweeteners”. But why exactly sugar is actually so harmful? And how can we limit consumers of our, in part, the unconscious, consumption of sugar?

What sugar dissolves in the body?

Sugar we encounter in everyday life, most often in its Form as table sugar, sucrose is called. We bake and cook with it, make a few spoonfuls of sugar in our tea or sweet coffee in order. Why? Because he’s cute, and accordingly tastes good. Unfortunately, it is nothing more than “empty calories carrier,” as Dr. Tatjana Ballauff, Fitness and nutrition expert, biochemist and managing Director of better-it Fitness GmbH in Hamburg, explained.

“The white crystal sugar contains no minerals, vitamins or enzymes. In addition, the ballast substances, which ensure that the carbohydrates are from the sugar move slowly and evenly into the bloodstream are missing him.“ Therefore, the household sugar shoot quickly into the blood and driving the sugar levels rapidly, and give us a noticeable energy kick, but this was only of short duration. Many are familiar with the short High that occurs when one uses during the work to something Sweet, in order to gain new energy – and how, after that extremely quickly, the fatigue takes over. (You are constantly distracted, and feel listless? Here you will find helpful tips that can help with persistent fatigue.)

Sugar – a vicious circle of Energy boost and fatigue

This development is related to the fact that the high and rapid increase in blood sugar levels could be dangerous, which is why the pancreas begins to produce Insulin, the expert explains. This hormone will ensure that excess sugar from the blood can be transported into the cells. “That’s where the sugar is burned either as energy or in the case of a Surplus by the liver converted into fat for times of need in the sub-skin fat tissue stores,” says Dr. Ballauff.

Since the body produces, however, due to the rapid blood sugar rise, the more Insulin than necessary, this would lead to a Hypo. The Consequences? Fatigue and lack of energy. “Our System calls for a new energy kick, we are trying to pacify all too often with sugary,” summarizes the expert of the vicious circle. An additional danger: This is a cycle that can lead to Diabetes.

Sugar – a natural product that is harmful to us?

Often lobbyists from the sugar industry argue that it is sugar, a natural product derived from sugar beet, and our bodies need this sugar also. Other experts emphasize, however, that we are not dependent on the intake of sugar, because the human body is able carbohydrates, so potatoes or cereals, in grapes sugar to convert and use this as a source of energy – the same also applies to proteins.

The intake of sugar is harmful to us only? The Problem, says Dr. Ballauff, not the sugar itself, it was toxic or Fattening. “As so often, it depends on what quantities we consume of it,” explains the expert. What is a problem is that sugar is in many processed foods – even in those that are not sweet. These include bread, coffee powder, instant products, Ketchup, pickles, and potato chips belong to. “Here, we’re literally in the sugar trap.”

According to a market study by Food Watch, of all available Breakfast cereals and yogurts for children, of the six largest retailers, on their sugar content were investigated, 90 percent of these products more sugar than the world health organization (WHO) for children’s food is recommended. “The professional societies recommend a maximum amount of up to 50 grams of sugar per day we should consume,” says Dr. Ballauff. This was not much – who wants to eat healthy, I need this Sugar in the Form of milk and fruit covered sugar almost. “On average, each consumed by us, but about 100 grams per day – so much.”

Worse than alcohol and Smoking?

In the Arte documentary “The big sugar lie” is sugar referred to as the “white poison”. However, a common medium such as sugar is really a drug such as alcohol and tobacco compare? “Sugar is like alcohol or Smoking a stimulant and can be consumed in Excess to the poison, and addictive,” explains the biochemist. Similar to the consumption of alcohol or Smoking sugar from activating the reward system in the brain and schütte dopamine. This leads to increased Motivation to want this feeling again. Thus, the consumption of sugar can show a similar addictive behavior, such as excessive consumption of alcohol and regular Smoking of the case. Thus, it is no wonder that we develop on certain occasions or situations, a particularly strong Craving for something Sweet. After a stressful or long day at work, we want to reward ourselves – some do with a glass of wine, the other reaching for chocolate, biscuits or a piece of cake. The only difference? “Sugar, unlike alcohol or cigarettes, is not physically dependent, because it is per se is not a addictive substance,” says Dr. Tatjana Ballauff. “Excessive sugar demand, we have to assume addiction of a behavior, comparable to a gambling addiction.” (Problems with the skin? Constantly tired and unfocused? This could be due to too much sugar in the diet. In this article you will find five warning signs, which are at the same time alarm signals.)

How can we avoid sugar?

There are many ways with which you can limit his sugar consumption. Some try to dispense with candy and ready products, other make fixed days or times where you allow yourself something. Nutrition expert Dr. Ballauff recommends a sugar Challenge to make, in the you dispensed a limited amount of time to the Sweet: “The sense of taste changes, foods with much added sugar or sweets, which were otherwise eaten, will soon be perceived as too sweet. At the same time, you realize that fruit is suddenly perceived to be much sweeter than before.“ Tea without sugar is them, despite all of this, too bitter? There is an Alternative that escapes the vicious circle. Unlike the white sugar, the cane sugar as the only full-fledged sugar-cane product. As this is not refined, get all the vital substances of the original product, such as iron, Magnesium, calcium, and vitamins. “It is considered to be the highest quality product and the produced types of sugar”, says the Fitness and nutrition expert.

Sugar-free Alternatives

Another way, with the sugar deal, is the search for Alternatives. Try different varieties of fruit, and you grab a Craving for between meal healthy Snacks. (For a detailed list of healthy Snacks you can find here.) A further possibility, which can be used in cooking and baking, natural sweeteners such as Fructose, Stevia or xylitol. “This does not taste sweet, however, the health effects of sugar – load, so the blood sugar level is not so strong and are gentle on the tooth enamel,” explains Dr. Ballauff. In addition, it can help to take a longer look at the packaging of foods, before you put it in the cart. On the list of ingredients he is hiding behind several names, such as Glucose (grape sugar), sucrose (table sugar), Fructose (fruit sugar) or Lactose (milk sugar).

“The Problem is not the sugar itself, but the amount is“

Although sugar itself is not toxic or thick makes, effect large amounts of sugar is harmful. As our daily need for sugar to be covered for the most part, through our regular meals, any additional consumption of sugar Overdose. Since most of the food – especially ready-made products, but also baked goods are mixed with sugar, we take in significantly more sugar than experts recommend. Who would like to escape partially unconscious, sugar consumption, in spite of all Alternatives. This includes natural sweeteners, the waiver of finished products as well as the exact read the packaging when shopping.

This article was written by (Angelika Watta)

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