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Phew. Inauguration Day is almost here, and we can (finally) welcome Joe Biden and our first female Vice President, Kamala Harris, into the White House so we can get our country back on track. While many of us have already snagged Harris merch for ourselves and even our kids, new parents can get their babies in on the celebratory action too. Yep, Kamala Harris onesies are indeed a thing, and we are absolutely swooning over each and every one of them.

While your newborn won’t exactly remember the day that the first woman, and woman of color, became the country’s first Madam Vice President (sounds so good to say, right?), you can take some pics of your little one in a themed onesie now, and share the historic memory with them when they’re older. And don’t forget to share feminist and Ruth Bader Ginsburg books with them later on, too.

Ahead, check out the cutest baby onesies for your future voter (and perhaps future Madam VP!) to wear to tip a hat to Kamala Harris, who will be our Vice President in just a day. Here’s to all the baby feminists out there!

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Squad Goals

Thankfully, we’ve had a dynamic squad of powerful women fighting for our rights. Pay tribute to Harris and others — including Michelle Obama, Elizabeth Warren, and the late Ruth Bader Ginsburg — with this baby-feminist onesie.

Madam VP

Make a statement with this colorful onesie, honoring the new Madam VP. It’s available in sizes for 6-12 months.

Statement-Making Piece

The internet flooded with “I’m Speaking” merch just hours after Harris said these words to (soon-to-be former) Vice President Pence when he continually interrupted her during their debate. The onesies might be the cutest item out of them all.

Barbie Style

There’s a ton of Barbie-inspired Biden-Harris merch giving adults a major dose of nostalgia , and now you can get a fun matching onesie for your little activist. “I’m a Biden-Harris baby, in a Biden-Harris world” — that’s how the song goes, right?

Comma La

Some of us have had trouble pronouncing Kamala’s name (which is okay, as long as you’re learning!), but this spelled-out onesie should make saying it correctly a breeze. It’s the ultimate onesie for grammar aficionados and wordsmiths alike.

All-American OOTD

It’s still a bit chilly outside, so keep your baby cozy with this star-spangled leg warmer set. The onesie is a reminder that Harris won’t be the last woman to fill the role of VP (and president isn’t out of reach, either).

Sweet & Simple

Girls of color will finally have a VP who looks like them, and this onesie celebrates just that. Even if they won’t realize it now, representation matters (and yes, we’ve still got a long way to go).

Diversify your kid’s library with these books by Black authors: 

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