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WWE Superstar Sheamus ( a.k.a. The Celtic Warrior) doesn’t just tussle with fellow pro wrestlers in the ring—the Warrior also takes on their training plans for his YouTube channel. He’s taken on workouts with some of the best, including a no-equipment bodyweight workout featuring Alexis Bliss.

His most recent video features fellow Irish wrestler Jordan Devlin, who challenged Sheamus to an ab-burning workout following their training session together.

“All right, but you’re buying pints after,” says Sheamus.

“To burn out your abs at the end of a session, we’re going to do four different exercises for 10 reps each,” says Devlin.

To be exact, the workout consists of 3 sets of 10 reps of dead bugs, Russian twists, reverse crunches (which he calls ‘hip-ups’), and hollow body rocks.

Dead Bugs

For Devlin’s dead bugs, he uses a 6 kilogram medicine ball.

“In the dead bug, squeeze the ball and put your hands on your knees,” says Devlin. “Keeps your abs tense the whole time, and keep your lower back pressed into the ground.

As Sheamus attempts the exercise, Devlin offers more tips.

“Get that full extension with your legs. You’re stretching your abs and then crunching them back,” he says.

There are a few other things to keep in mind if you want to try opposite-arm dead bugs:

Keep your lower back pressed into the floor, with you hips and knees bent at 90 degrees. From there, you should simultaneously lower your right arm and your left leg, pausing to hold, then switching to your opposite arm (your left arm) and leg (right leg.)

Russian Twists

Devlin transitions into a weighted Russian twist using the medicine ball from the dead bugs.

To perfect your Russian twist, Men’s Health fitness director Ebenezer Samuel, C.S.C.S. says to start on the ground, keeping your torso elongated as much as possible to protect your spine.

From there, you can keep your feet on the ground to start, rather than raising them, until you’ve built up your core stability. If you’re using weight (which is also optional), Samuel notes that you should reach your arms as far out as possible, which will create a longer lever and force your core to work harder to rotate. Finally, follow your hands as your shoulders and hands rotate rather than looking straight ahead. This will help create more rotation.

Reverse Crunch (Hip-ups)

Devlin ditches the medicine ball for his reverse crunches.

“Oh sh*t,” says Sheamus after his first set.

To do your reverse crunches properly, bend your knees and hips 90 degrees while you raise your hips off the floor, crunching inward while pausing at the top, says Men’s Health Fitness Advisor David Jack. Lower your legs slowly, limiting your use of momentum.

And another tip: Imagine that you are emptying a bucket of water that’s resting on your pelvis. Your knees should move toward your chest. Your hips and lower back should raise up off the floor.

Hollow Body Rocks

“That’s how I get out of bed in the morning,” jokes Sheamus, once Devlin reveals the fourth and final movement.

After he finishes, Devlin asks how it was.

“It’s terrible… but that’s how you know it’s working, right?” Sheamus replies.

To do your hollow hold form correctly, Samuel says to press your lower back into the floor, while you raise your shoulder blades up. And remember—don’t tuck your chin. Instead, keep it neutral and look upwards.

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