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Anyone who tries, with a special Ernährunsgweise to lose weight or weight easy to maintain, can discourage the Demand for small delicious sins quickly from the target.

When trying to eat healthier, it can happen easily that you deprive your body from unintentionally are important nutrients that he needs to be over a longer period of time saturated food cravings can occur as a result.

One of these important nutrients carbohydrates, for example. And especially to the many people prefer to avoid, since you think all the carbs would make you fat.

Complex carbohydrates are important

If one does not follow a strict ketogenic diet, but only healthy want to eat, you should not announce this to the Carbs, but in General the fight.

"Not all carbohydrates are equivalent. Simple sugars such as white bread or wheat pasta does not keep long satt", the nutritionist Colleen Wysocki-Woods explains to the Portal 'POPSUGAR'.

Glucose is quickly metabolized

"This is because glucose, which is found in each of these foods is very metabolized quickly. The energy we use for all physical activities and also functions, such as Breathing."

In contrast, complex Kohlenyhdrate are digested more slowly, making us feel full longer. These include fruits and vegetables as well as whole grain include pasta products, such as brown rice, whole wheat and oats.

Through this food, the blood not fast sugar levels so drastically to the top. Thus, the &quot is;Absturz" prevents the many people after eating of sweets and sugar feel.

Therefore, you should take the best high-fiber foods-rich – in the ideal case a day is 25 grams. Nine grams per meal to achieve that, you will feel longer saturated.

Proteins is important for the long saturation

Also, proteins do not contribute a large part to the fact that the body feels after a short time hungry again. "For the digestion of proteins in the body longer than carbohydrates. Therefore, we feel after eating over a longer period of time gesättigt", Wysocki-Woods explained.

Protein is found in animal products such as meat, fish, eggs, yogurt and cheese. But also vegetable proteins from beans, Corn, soy, Tempeh, and whole grain products such as Quinoa to keep fed.

Healthy fats include

In addition, you should always incorporate fat into balanced meals. The healthy fats include Avocados, nuts, Flaxseed, oily fish such as salmon or tuna.

"By healthy fats, we feel saturated with us a long time. With eight to twelve hours, fat is the macronutrient that takes the longest to be digested to werden", Wysocki-Woods-and-white.

Instead of one of these important nutrients in the course of a diet from his food plan, one should, therefore, prefer to the healthier variants which saturate over a period of several hours.