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Eggs in the fridge? And as you can see, whether you are fresh? A nutrition expert gives the answers and explains how to store eggs properly and what are things that you also should pay attention to.

Theoretically, you can store fresh eggs up to two weeks at room temperature, because they have a self-protection against germs. But who pays attention already on the packing date?

How do I store eggs properly?

Eggs should be ten days prior to the expiration of the minimum durability date (best before date) in the refrigerator. The best is therefore, you put on immediately after purchasing. At room temperature, Salmonella develop particularly well.

You keep eggs in the fridge, you should stay here, too. Because they don’t like temperature fluctuations, which reduces their “natural” germ protection. The sticks in the egg shell. That is why it is better not to raw to wash eggs before you Store it.

The eggs are the best just in the egg box. This prevents that the strong smell of other foods such as cheese, garlic or fish passes through the porous Cup and the taste negatively.

Well it is also, if the yolk remains in the middle. The eggs upside down to store, so with the top down in the box set. So you hold a little longer. The reason is that In the blunt end of the egg, the air chamber is located. The storage with the blunt-side-up causes the air chamber remains where she is and does not wander so that the egg Yolk does not force you to Dodge. In the other case could peel off Skin and make way for germs free.

Doris Krumbiegel is a nutritionist, and a specialist journalist. In their practice for nutrition therapy and nutritional counseling in Hamburg, she helps people to eat consciously and varied.

How long will eggs keep?

From the date of Laying hold raw eggs for 28 days. This is also the date of minimum durability is based. Hard-boiled eggs are not as long – only about two to four weeks. However, a prerequisite is that you kept it in the fridge and the shell is still intact. This is damaged, one should eat the eggs, because they spoil faster.

For protection against germs in hard fresh raw cooking using eggs. This also applies to food prepared with raw eggs (for example, Tiramisu, Mayonnaise). These keep in the fridge and on the same day. “Almost” fresh eggs taste the best. The perfect Aroma to develop them when they are three to ten days old.

How long can I keep egg yolks?

You have egg yolks or egg whites leftovers from baking or cooking to spare, keep in a covered bowl in the refrigerator for two to three days. You can also freeze them: Raw egg yolk is at minus 18 degrees for six to ten months and raw egg whites, even about a year of shelf life. For example, ice cube moulds to use.

How can I test the Freshness of eggs?

Who is not sure whether a raw Egg is fresh or old is, can the swimming test. To do this, you put the Egg in a cold water-filled glass.

It dives to the ground and stays there for a transverse lie, it’s fresh. Older eggs to rise, however, the more obliquely upwards, the older you are. The explanation: In older eggs, there is already water evaporates through the porous shell. As a result, the air chamber is larger and provides the lift. The Egg floats on the surface of the water, no longer eat it.

With a little experience the Freshness of an egg when Hit detect. It is fresh, dome Yolk and egg yolk to the top and not run into each other. In addition, the protein is not very clear, if eggs are older, it is see-through. Additional note: Fresh eggs can be cooked in a bad peel.

How old hard-boiled eggs, you can in longitudinal section, While the egg yolk in a fresh Egg in the middle is, it slips when older Egg because of the larger air chamber to the edge.

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