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The Numbers this week do not make the Italians ‘ courage – even if they read only once so: On Monday and Tuesday, the authorities registered a little more than 4000 people who had been infected in the past 24 hours with the new Coronavirus attached. On Wednesday, there were 4782 infections. The Numbers are still high, but fairly constant.

A total of over 110,000 people in Italy are now in the Virus becomes ill, almost 17,000, the infection did not survive. For scientists, the evidence that Italy is now reached at the height of the Corona-crisis and the demise of yet.

The Situation in Italian hospitals

Just at the end – a photographer has portrayed nurses and Doctors in Italy

The Corona summit is a Plateau

A classic, pointed peak but it is not: “The summit is not a summit,” said Silvio Brusaferro, the Director of the Highest health Institute (ISS) on Wednesday. Rather, it was “a Plateau from which we must now descend.”

What Brusafero says: It will catch more people in Italy with the Coronavirus, but not so many as in the previous weeks. This means that it will probably pay to give some more days with high Infection – then these are likely to fall, but slowly.

And it also means that the total number of people who tested positive will continue to increase – but, and this is crucial, not as exponentially as in the past.

At the Moment, everyone is sick of the Italians to put a further

Important for the calculation of possible new infections, the transmission index is: How many people a single Corona-Infected person infects more? “At the Moment we are close to one,” said Brusafero. Every sick Italians the Virus currently, so at least one Person. “But we need to get below one.” In the medium term, it is wool, then at 0.5 land, from led Brusafero more. And in the long term, of course, zero, but: “This will take months.”

Italian researchers had calculated the time of Zero-new infections recently. Accordingly, it should be in the epicentre in Lombardy, on 22. April be. At the latest in mid-may and then also in all other parts of the country.

A state of emergency in Italy is likely to continue for weeks

For his countrymen, the Figures should be a cause for hope – but there is no reason for levity, said the ISS Manager. “We have to be careful, because due to the Situation with the Plateau of the epidemic can begin when we give up the existing measures for the containment and isolation.”


Researchers calculate the end of the epidemic in Italy – what does that mean for Germany?

Similarly, the Minister of health Roberto Speranza said on Wednesday: The harsh cuts in the freedom of his countrymen showed, in the meantime, apparently, effect. “But the road that lies ahead of us is long,” he said. The strict limitations in the areas of economy and society, should remain so to maintain.

An extension to Easter had been charged by the government already in the beginning of the week in prospect. Since 10. March is not allowed to move the Italians are already free. Restaurants, cafes, retail, schools and universities are closed, many factories also.

Sources: Italian Corona data center, “Quotidiano”, the news agencies DPA, ANSA

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