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Imagine you are a smart fitness Mat would be in the living room, the you your fitness exercises office manual directly claims to be. So a sub-location that makes a playful fancy movement – so similar, like the time in “Twister”.

Who does not remember: it was in the 1990s, popular and very active society of game hinged on one with colorful circles painted foil.

A hub with a combination of a color and the body Moves before the part was on the film and the game culminated in the fact that the knot of arms, legs, and bodies crashed at some point and all of the players laughing on the floor.

So similar to FitterYOU “works” – just that you have a at the end instead of a knot the smallest possible effective fitness training in the limbs. The smart Mat is aware of the training goals, injuries, and habits of its users and takes over the complete planning of your training.

FitterYOU in “the cave of The lion”

Behind the combination of fitness Mat and Coaching App for the individualized Training of the Landauer-Fritz green Walt is with his Start-up with FitterYOU on Tuesday, may 7. April, the founders Show “die höhle der Löwen” is vying for the favor of the investors.

Green forest is hoping for 500,000 euros for 10 percent of its shares in the company.

Tailor-made functional Training

FitterYOU to allow the user to tailor-made functional Training with your own body weight at home and it optimally guide and motivate.

For this purpose, the developers have deposited with the assistance of fitness experts, around 200 Exercises in seven levels of difficulty in the App.

Professional Workout Videos take the user step-by-step through the Exercises and to tell you the numbers for the correct placement of the hands and feet on the Mat.

Thanks to the information on the individual fitness level and goals, habits and physical limitations is designed to be the Bodyweight Training as personal as possible.

Sophisticated fitness tests to secure progress


Before it starts, one determines his goal: improve Fitness, lose weight or toning. The can in the menu change at any time, if the focus shifts.

Before the first Workout is a sophisticated Fitness Test. For the you should schedule a half-hour of time: It is endurance and strength in the Detail to be tested.

Also in the subsequent implementation of the training plan, regular Fitness Checks will follow to make the progress visible and adjust the workout. On the Feebdack function after each Training, the adaptation also to the part itself in Hand.

The user can select both the Coach as well as the music direction: Martin and Luisa as a real fitness trainer through the Exercises, praise and cheer.

A personal Motto, work exercise minutes and calories burned, as well as the awarding of points, in addition to push, regularly stay.

The subscription models of the FitterYou App

FitterYOU is actually two fitness S mats in sizes up to XL, which together with a zipper zip.

They are supplied with a handy little Smartphone on the plate and in a simple but handy carry bag current price of 59 euros.

As an offer of access to the Premium App is currently available for 90 days is included. For 180 days of Training with the App, users are currently paying around 85 Euro.

Thereafter, the free FitterYOU App for Smart offers iPhone owners with access to four Workouts per month with Exercises from the basic pool.

The Premium subscription offers several additional functions:

  • Access to the complete Exercise guide
  • Unlimited number of Workouts
  • Additional exercises for seven of the complaint zones
  • Short – and long training sessions, with or without brief instructions
  • Regular Fitness Checks with Cardio and muscle stress test
  • Save your favourites and Exercises, which are to be omitted
  • High-intensity interval training (HIIT)
  • Exercises and programs with fitness bands

Test conclusion: FitterYOU helps beginners

FitterYOU App Screenshots

We had the opportunity to test the FitterYOU Mat velvet App-Coach – and were impressed with how comprehensive the App is, or how much the artificial intelligence into Detail about.

In doing so, we have opted for Coach Martin was for our taste a little too cheerful and talkative. For example, we were not able to remove the friendly, muscular athletes all that he was after the first beginners Workout “totally finished”.

On the Mat, certainly, even experienced athletes can learn, thanks to the markers for one or another correction in the exercise, execution or new ideas from the Pool of a total of 200 Exercises to try out.

Pleased to see that the AI takes account of small aches and pains such as a stiff neck or broken football knee, and you can also train sports specific.

Convincing: Personal approach and look of the App

In each Workout Video, you will be greeted personally, the fun. The optics and Clarity of the App also.

The choices of music genres and trainers are a nice idea, worked in the Test but not always reliable.

Complex App with a few interruptions

So the App is crashed, unfortunately, after the extensive Fitness Check. Therefore, we had to go one more Time in the exchange jumps, then pulse, and finally, the repetitions of various strength include exercises.

A Workout had to be completely from the beginning – the App has to be technically retrofitting, and more.

Explanations are too detailed

The first Workout was in spite of the previous performance tests, something soft and slow: Although the positions are held on the Mat for a long and for a certain muscle stress and strain are taken care of.

But for our taste it could be more dynamic sequences during the Workouts – not just the few “mountain climbers” at the end.

The explanations were detailed, often too – unfortunately you can’t always fast forward. We wanted to get started and sweat.

Good price-performance ratio – up to now

For beginners, the course to the target group of FitterYOU, the product is quite exciting. Especially since the price is really fair.

However, to date, also questionable, what is the App subscription will cost after the trial period of three or six months. Without a Premium subscription, the App offers little more value.

For the Mat you must allow more space than I thought – it consists of two juxtaposed mats. HIIT-Fans will come here to their costs.

We give FitterYOU still have a Chance

Maybe we need to give our Coach of choice, Martin, also a Chance, in the hope that it then leads to less talking and our last training Feedback him to call us the next time you Workout harder.

In the ideal case, so that we then re-finished, but happy, rolling on the floor – like the time in the 90s when “Twister”.

Tina Monastery Meier

*The post “‘the cave of The lion’: Training as in the case of Twister? Smart “FitterYOU”Mat Test” is published by FitForFun. Contact with the executives here.