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Up to 50 percent more calls, emails, and Chats the pastoral care of Aachen recorded alone since the beginning of the Coronavirus crisis. Especially when people who are mentally unstable, reinforce the Fears and uncertainties, report to the staff. The listening helps, says Loana Epping. “In the last weeks, I have conversations very, very much more. With people never with a telephone helpline have been dealing, the need now is an address. Now, where now is also therapy or other not in this Form, is possible. The search for other routes, the things to process and deal with it. But if there is no other, then our task is easy to carry only to and to be there and accept. And not to say have you tried this, have you ever tried this, you might also the and the and the make. Because, most of the time people just need someone who accepts you just in the Moment and listening.” Many people are cut off from their usual contacts and feel lonely. During the phone counseling, you will learn that there are still people who take their problems seriously.