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Strongman Martin Licis has been crushing his quarantine workouts. He’s done a hanging workout, switched things up by training light, and worked on his isolation squats while isolating. And fellow Strongman Hafthor Björnsson has also been maintaining a steady training schedule by setting up a home gym in his garage. After all, he most recently won the 2020 Arnold Classic, and is gunning for a record 501 kilogram deadlift next month.

Since they’ve both been training hard—and in Licis’ case, working to rehab some nagging injuries—Licis invited Björnsson to do a virtual training session together.

They plan to hop online on Twitch to live stream the workout, on both Licis’ and Björnsson’s Twitch accounts. Since they’re in California and Iceland, respectively, it’s 9 a.m. for Licis and 4 p.m. for Björnsson when they get to their workout.

“This is nuts, dude. This is way too early,” says Licis as he fuels up on eggs, spinach, bacon and toast before the workout. “Such a spontaneous decision. Today we’re doing an early morning workout to join Thor on his evening workout. It was my idea, it was a horrible idea… but I’m excited to be here”

They hop on the multi-stream, and Björnsson is pumped.

“What’s up, guys?” he says through the screen.

As Licis starts to stretch with bands to warm up, he says with a laugh, “This is why we’ve cut down on YouTube stuff. There’s nothing exciting going on here.”

Björnsson has started his squat workout, and viewers hear him let out a loud roar.

“That looked brutally difficult,” says Licis.

After his own warm up, Licis starts a series of weighted squat presses. During his workout, he focuses on training his squats, and gets all the way up to 506 pounds on the bar, repping the weight 7 times.

“All in all, feeling smoother and smoother,” Licis says after racking the weight.

Before signing off the video, the strongman lists the rest of the routine, which includes good mornings, calf work, and potentially abs.

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