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The current corona crisis is forcing thousands of people to work from home. What experts view as an appropriate measure to stop the spread of the Virus as well as possible, crashes or other workers, but in a personal crisis:

Because the work from the home office requires a certain structure, otherwise, lack of concentration and distraction threaten by a TV set, a mobile phone, the Partner or the children.

Therefore, you should comply with in the home office a couple of rules that help to make the day as productive as possible and to be able to in the evening well-off. Here’s how:

1. Daily rhythm to maintain

In pajamas at the Desk, or better still with the Laptop in bed, stay in bed? It is better not to. “Keep a regular daily rhythm, with solid stand-up, work and sleep times also in the home office or Homeschooling. This creates a regular daily structure and promotes the emotional stability”, Prof. Dr. Stephan Mühlig, holder of the professorship of Clinical psychology and psychotherapy of the technical University of Chemnitz and head of the Smoking outpatient clinic of Chemnitz, as well as the Psychotherapeutic University outpatient clinic (PHA-TUC GmbH).

Means: in the Morning at the usual time to get up, freshen up as you walk into the office, and a permanent place in the apartment search that is being worked on – and only there.

The bed should only be for Sleeping, reading, or Sex, have used, and also the Slouch on the Sofa should be reserved for the series in the evening.

2. Movement in the fresh air

Working in the office, lead the way to and from work or walk with colleagues in the lunch break to a lot of movement in everyday life.

The work from the home office, is also the way, and many workers do not move almost at all. Therefore, you should Outdoor feasts (-) breaks in the schedule, the structure of the working day.

“Exercise and fresh air is beneficial to the physical and mental health, the immune system is stimulated. The lung is ventilated by moderate effort, it is better perfused, which in turn supports the body’s defense against infections (also against SARS-CoV-2)”, so Mühlig.

A at least in the short-term, relocation could reduce the appeal of monotony in your own four walls, and the well-being increase.

In the lunch break and/or after work, so a few steps around the Block, go Jogging or Cycling, but always the necessary safety distance to the others note.

3. Indoor exercise

Closed Gyms should not lead to is active in sports.

Many Influencers are already offering Home-Workouts to try at home, you can put together a training plan with Exercises that help you to get around 30 minutes into a sweat, and do not require a lot of space.

Who wants to does not have the Equipment or money now to spend, can perform simple Exercises with your own body weight.

“Regular, moderate exercising (until a slight sweating) stabilizes the circulatory System, the immune system, but also the psychological well-being and to be used for the tension and stress removal,” says Mühlig.

4. To Do’s do in the household, by the way

Working in a home office, it is tempting, just a washing machine to wash dishes, to wash Windows or clean up.

However, you should take also for these house work fixed hours, because who makes everything from time to time, by the way, risking that the concentration for the tasks of the job decreases significantly as you tear yourself from sineen tasks.

Better: in Between break times schedule, in which the Laptop will work and the household work to be done. Even better: To Do it the time before work, the evening or the weekend to push.

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Katharina Klein

*The contribution of “structural Chaos: 4 tips for efficient Working in the home office” published by FitForFun. Contact with the executives here.