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Couples who’ve been together longer, often don’t have as much Sex as in the stormy beginning of time. If everyday life has returned, are other things more important – work, Dating, Hobbies.

However, it is not only the time factor, the result is that many couples have less and less Sex.

Why groping couples in the cuddle trap?

The beginning of a new love relationship is a state of emergency. All the senses are awake, the Request is successively big. The great thinker and philosopher Plato goes even further: "Love is a serious mental illness."

When life catches up with the Partner, and at the same time the feeling that everything is new and exciting wears off, it will change for many but the Sex frequency.

But sometimes it is not, then Even if the opportunities are there, the time is enough and the love is still there – still not much going on in the bed.

Instead, snuggled up on the Sofa while watching TV, without something developed from it. Coziness and laziness gain the upper hand.

A survey commissioned by the partnership portal Parship, revealed that 28 percent of the respondents are regularly too tired or too sluggish to have with your Partner Sex.

Reasons for the Sexflaute

Not always Sexpausen or less Sex will mean that couples have lived apart and the interest is extinguished each other. If the Libido is glowing on the back burner, it can have various reasons, for example, Overload of work, too many activities or tasks such as care of a family member, or illness. Whether it be pain or depression suffers.

Often, however, it is also said of inertia, and comfort that couples stop, to roll together in the sheets, if "Game of Thrones"-Watching the two of but also beautiful.

The comparison to the harmony sheets mummel the Pandas, which are sometimes animated by nervous scientists, to Sex, eventually comes about.

We need to talk

If the Sexmüdigkeit relates to both partners equally, is it not quite so tragic – after all, one of the two suffers, then, because of him or her missing something.

To talk about, however, is not important, in order to drift unspoken sluggish and suddenly wonder if you separates.

Just because the other wanted to never have Sex, don’t have to plug the same reasons behind it. Quite possible that a lazy and the other looking to upset their partners.

In addition, couples who have made it in to the cuddle zone cozy should think, occasionally, that Sex has a variety of functions.

In addition to reproductive, health Benefits and pleasure giving pastime, it is also the source of binding hormones, which ensure that the love remains perceptive and alive.