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A novel pathogen is different not according to social classes, does not Stop in front of young or old people – this also applies to the Coronavirus Sars-CoV-2. Because there is currently no vaccination or by reason of immunity in the population, it can spread the Virus rapidly. The good news is: most of the Infected, the infection is harmless. They develop no or only mild symptoms. One in six Patients suffers a severe course.

Scientists worldwide are researching the factors that increase the risk for critical disease processes. It is already known: the age of the patient plays a role, and also whether you suffer from underlying conditions such as hypertension, Diabetes, or cancer. The rising case numbers also reveal another phenomenon: More men than women develop the disease hard to Covid-19 – and die more often. The sex, particularly the male, another risk factor is?

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This presumption is not. The “Chinese Centre for Disease control and Prevention” had already been submitted in mid-February, a report to Covid-19, which provided the first indications. It contained data of some of the approximately 44,600 Infected from China, which showed that Older patients, especially aged over 80 years, showed a particularly high mortality rate of 14.8 per cent. Increases the risk was Suffering with many chronic diseases such as cardiovascular, Diabetes and respiratory diseases. But also in men. With 2.8 percent, the mortality rate was higher than the women with 1.7 percent. The sexes were found to be infected in approximately equal frequency.

Country-specific data provide valuable information, but should be carefully interpreted. Not least due to social and health policy differences, they often can’t be transferred one-to-one to other countries. It is striking, however, that the Trend from China is continuing in other countries, including Germany. And this very clearly.

In Germany, more men die on the Coronavirus

According to the Robert Koch Institute (RKI) with Stand 01. April have not survived in Germany, 732 patients Covid-19 infection. Including 479 men (65 percent) and 252 women (34 percent). In the case of a Person, the gender is unknown. Also, more men (52 percent) are infected than women with the Coronavirus. However, there is no clear tendency as in the case of the mortality statistics at the infection numbers.

The physician Christian what the authorities care in the clinic of Cologne-Merheim patients with severe lung failure, and confirms the Trend. It is affected “significantly more” men hard at Covid-19, said the doctors compared to the star. What the authorities spoke of an “extremely eye-catching observation”, as they are rare in diseases see. What could be the cause? “I can only speculate. But the phenomenon should be investigated in the coming months, certainly closer to it.”

More specifically, the virologist Alexander Kekulé is compared to the “image”-newspaper. With a view to the RKI Figures, he said, perhaps men would be on the basis of their behavior “more often in contact with the Virus” – for example, because they walked more often in front of the door.

More likely, however, is that the General health condition of men also play a role. This was in an advanced age, are often slightly worse than in women, which is also reflected in the life expectancy low. Kekulé believed that men in the higher age could therefore have a higher mortality rate, but stresses that there was no evidence. The differences between the sexes were at least “very striking,” says the virologist.

Similar observations have also been made in the outbreaks of Sars and Mers, which were also caused by corona virus. As a possible cause of a number of factors will be discussed, including genetic, but also those related to the life style together. It is known that the immune system of women, those that trigger respiratory diseases – generally better with many viruses, especially to cope. May the sex hormone Estrogen gives a protective effect.

Numerous studies also suggest that women are health-conscious life, a more balanced diet and also earlier than men seek medical aid, which could also contribute to a lower mortality rate.

Risk Factor Smoking

Another factor that was initially discussed, it seems to fall, however, is less significant: In China, more men than women smoke significantly. Was to explain the higher mortality rate to? This suspicion was, first of all, since Smoking causes diseases to many a result, which in turn increase the risk for heavy Covid-19-gradients.

However, the gender differences in the Smoking rate in Germany is significantly lower. In Germany, every fourth man and every fifth woman smokes. And yet, the increased mortality shown in this country.

It is clear already now: Alone, with a view on the Smoking rate, the statistical anomaly can’t be explained. It is conceivable that a Combination of several factors makes. This is and must be the subject of further research.

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