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Rarely, the need is likely to have been current in Germany is greater than in these days, and this not only among politicians, Doctors, and other experts. The people ask themselves: How many people have been infected in this country already with the Coronavirus? How many come every day? Where are the regional priorities? How many victims has called Covid-19?

Medical care in Corona times

Germany needs hospital beds – and in Germany, a clinic will be closed

At this point you can gain with daily updated maps and graphs an Overview of the spread of Sars-CoV-2 – in Germany and global.

The data in the graphs below are from the Robert-Koch-Institute (RKI) and of the American Johns Hopkins University. Both are trustworthy and prestigious, but use different methods to collect the data. This can lead to deviations in the Figures and in the subsequent confusion. More about how the data are collected and why the results are different, read here.

Table of contents: Figures for the Coronavirus

1) spread of the Coronavirus in Germany

The Robert Koch Institute has an Overview of published, which, so far, the Institute recorded cases down to the County level are documented, the below embedded “RKI COVID-19 Dashboard”. Click on the arrows at the foot of the graphic, to switch to the desired view. In addition to the absolute Numbers you can see in the Overview, for example, where the rate of infection in relation to the number of inhabitants is the highest.

A note: Should the Dashboard not be displayed correctly, or a screen filling view prefer, please click here to go to the Portal to enter.

Also on the data of the RKI are based on the below starmap, which is updated on a daily basis confirmed infections in Germany at the länder-level, at-a-glance maps:

2) the course of the infection in Germany

The below two graphics are based on data from the Johns Hopkins University. The upper one shows the development of the new infections in Germany, the lower the cumulative number of confirmed infections, deaths, and Recovering. For both graphs applies: Click the curves to detailed information are displayed get.

Note for mobile users: Should the graphic elements are not or not correctly displayed, please click here.

3) infection with Sars-CoV-2 worldwide

How is the global Situation? Below, first, an Overview of the countries with the most infections.

The world map provides an Overview of the global infection location. Click on “back” and “next”, you can switch between the total infections and daily new infections back and forth. Click on the “Play”Button after signed the global spread in the time-lapse.

4) a proportion of the total population 65 years and older

In addition to people with weakened immune systems or pre-existing conditions, the Coronavirus is mainly for older people is a big risk.

The above map shows the proportion of people in age 65 years or older in the world. The source for the data, the world Bank.

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