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Long regarded South Korea as an exemplary model in terms of pandemic response: With mass Corona-Tests and consistent output restrictions made to it, the case numbers of infections and deaths at a relatively low level to hold (read more here). At the beginning of may, the government loosened therefore, the strict rules and is likely to get it to do now with a second, large wave of Infection. Hotspot this Time is Seoul, where the Virus has rapidly over the Clubs of the city spread out.

Also from China, the presumed country of origin of the pandemic, you can hear Worrying: After some of the Lockdown was slowly lifted, increase the case to pay back, also in Wuhan, is by far the most affected Chinese city.


Today, the Corona, at that time, Sars – why are so many viruses in China?

Hotspot the second wave in Seoul’s amusement district

The fear of a second, the big corona wave is real: In South Korea, the authorities are to pay in the face of skyrocketing Infection in Seoul alarmed. “For us, it is now a very critical Moment,” said Kwon Joon Wook of the center for disaster Management on Thursday. Wook and other representatives of the authorities fear that the Situation is out of control and to a similar jump in numbers to the case in February could lead.

The reason is that In the past few days has spread the Virus in the capital of the country for a second Time rapidly. The focal point of the entertainment district of Itaewon was. 136 people had been infected by Wednesday on the basis of the local night clubs and Bars with the Coronavirus, either directly or indirectly via contact persons.

Passers-by walk through the neighborhood of Itaewon in Seoul. After the night clubs and Bars had opened again, a new Corona-Hotspot.

Several cases were able to be guided to an infected man back in the night to 2. May had visited five Clubs in Itaewon. The authorities fear that the Virus can spread quickly to the parish level throughout the country, because the club guests only came from Seoul. As the “Time” magazine reported, had been invited to the Club – and Bar owner in Seoul to get in front of the inlet contact details of their clientele record. However, many guests had to leave “incorrect or incomplete information.”

According to the report, it should have the local authorities have so far managed to contact about 2,400 of the approximately 5500 people who had lived to that time in Itaewon. Other party-goers will now be by means of credit card bills, and with the help of the police found. The infection chains to break, the authorities in addition to intensive Testing. So far, have been tested in conjunction with the Itaewon-eruption about 35,000 people to Sars-Cov-2. All the people between the 24. April and 6. May, in the area of the Clubs, who were urgently called upon to volunteer to test. The mayor of Seoul has, however, made the Clubs and Bars of the city seal.

After the peak of the outbreak at the end of February, with over 900 cases, within a day, South Korea had the situation largely under control. Since the middle of April, first day less than 15 new infections were reported, the strict restrictions gradually loosened. Restaurants, Bars, and Clubs were allowed to gradually re-open.

The total number of infections in South Korea is currently at around 11,000. It is 260 deaths have been linked to the Virus.

In Wuhan, the Coronavirus seemed to have been eradicated

Also in China, the Virus seemed to be actually pushed back. However, after the beginning of the week had been found in a residential area of the former Hotspots of Wuhan after a long period without disease, and six new infections, are there, too, the authorities are now very worried. Now all of the eleven million inhabitants in the record time of ten days, a Coronavirus should be subjected to Test.


"We were unable to find any information trauen" – Guo Jing’s diary about the horror days of Wuhan

Nowhere in China have been reported in the course of the spread of the pandemic, as many infections and deaths as in Wuhan. 50,000 of the more than 80,000 officially reported infections in China alone there. The city was the first in the world was closed off due to Virus over weeks. The residents were not allowed to leave even for walks or Jogging to their homes. Even purchases were temporarily no longer possible. Until the beginning of April, the output was lifted completely.

New Hotspot in the North-East of China

China has herds the Virus to their own information, now found to be largely under control, fighting with the local Outbreak. A two-digit number of new infections has recently been reported also from the northeast Chinese province of Jilin. Especially the city of Shulan could to the stove there be a new Infection. As the British newspaper “The Guardian” reported, were the result of the cases on a wife, the last time neither traveled to nor was in any other way exposed to the Virus.

The province has prompted so now a new Lockdown. Public places, sports venues, movie theaters and libraries were closed again. Public transport has been set, Taxis are not allowed to leave the city. The inhabitants were again asked to stay at home and may only leave in emergency situations in their homes.

For the people there it would feel like a Déjà-vu. How long the measures will take is as yet unclear.

Sources: “Time”, “The Guardian”, the news agencies DPA, AFP

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