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The President of the world medical Association, Frank Ulrich Montgomery, holds output will not lock to a suitable means in the fight against the Coronavirus. “I’m not a friend of the Lockdown. Who imposed such a thing, you must also say when and how he lifted it again,” said Montgomery of the düsseldorf “Rheinische Post” from Wednesday. In addition, not have been shown in Italy, this medium-functioning.

Montgomery: Italy Negative Example

As a negative example, Montgomery Italy called. The country have imposed curfews and, thus, the opposite effect is achieved, the former President of the German medical Association to bear in mind Marburger Bund. “The were very fast at their capacity limits, but slows down virus spread within the lock downs at all.” Curfews, as you have imposed in addition to Italy, several other European States, are more of a political desperation measure, because you mean with coercive measures, to progress further than you would with the production of reason.


The enlightenment: Christian Drosten was the most important man in Germany

Montgomery was also skepticism about the already in Germany arranged limitations of the public life. “Since we have to assume that we will accompany the Virus is still long, I wonder, when we return to normality?” You could not keep schools and day care centers up to the end of the year closed, however, so long as it will take at least until a vaccine against the Coronavirus was available, said the doctors President.

Montgomery criticized the border closures because of Coronavirus

Critical Montgomery commented on by the Federal government arranged to border closures. “I don’t believe that the border closures can stop the Virus. This is political activism.” You could control individual highway crossings and seal it. But then the people take the small country roads. “Because you do not notice it often when you drive over the border,” questioned the effectiveness of such measures within Europe.

Source: “Rheinische Post” (Pay Content)

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