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Proud parents! Sarah Michelle Gellar and Freddie Prinze Jr. have been gushing about their kids since starting their family in 2009.

The actress gave birth to their daughter, Charlotte, that year, followed by son Rocky in 2012 — and the little ones are anxious for a younger sibling.

Gellar’s children ask “every day” about becoming a family of five, the New York native exclusively told Us Weekly in September 2019, noting that she tells them to “ask Daddy.”

Charlotte and Rocky aren’t impressed by their parents’ careers, she went on to tell Us. She and her former Scooby-Doo costar prefer to keep the kids’ lives away from the spotlight.

“A lot of people are willing to put their kids on social media. A lot of people are willing to put their kids out there,” Prinze Jr. exclusively told Us the following year. “That’s just not something that I’ve ever done.”

The Los Angeles native added that he won’t rule out letting their children follow in his and Gellar’s acting footsteps, but only when they turn 18.

“They can do whatever they want [then],” the actor told Us in February 2020. “I’m not trying to make money off my kids. Sarah and I, our bills are paid. Our kids don’t need to act. If they want to act, there’s local theaters that they can perform in. There are school theaters that they can do. It’s easy for kids to scratch that itch if they’re wanting to be famous. That’s something that I think you need to shut down early as a parent. Not shut down, but just explain to them fame isn’t a job.”

In terms of their personalities, Charlotte is more like her dad, Prinze Jr. added. “She’s kind of reserved and quiet at first, until she gets a sense of the room,” he explained. “And then depending on the vibe in that room, is going to depend on how much she opens up. That’s me.”

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