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TOKYO — The coronavirus has hit Japanese beauty companies with a doubly whammy. Not only has the steady stream of Chinese travelers, whose tour buses used to line the Ginza, dried up, but corporations are also grappling with cases closer to home that have impacted the day-to-day running of their businesses.

Many companies in Japan began asking their employees to telecommute after it was reported last week that a worker at the headquarters of Dentsu, the country’s largest ad agency, had contracted the virus. Shiseido’s global headquarters is located adjacent to Dentsu’s, and Japan’s largest cosmetics company announced on Feb. 26 that some 8,000 employees in the country would telecommute until at least March 6. That figure excludes factory workers and sales staff at store counters, who have been given the option to work on flexible schedules in order to take care of their children while schools nationwide are closed for roughly a month. Staff who have no other option have been allowed to take up to an additional 10 days of paid leave between March 9 and April 10.

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