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Increased concentrations of nitrogen dioxide in the air could cases, with more death by Covid-19 in connection. A study of the Martin-Luther-University of Halle-Wittenberg (MLU) in the satellite data on air pollution and air currents with corona virus-death cases were compared, for the first time delivered appropriate instructions.

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The analysis showed that in regions with a permanently high level of contaminants in the air significantly more deaths occurred than in other areas. Using satellite data, has identified the researcher, Dr. Yaron Ogen, from the Institute of Geosciences and geography at MLU Hotspots with high air pollution and low air movement throughout the world. This he has in common with the cases of death by Covid-19 in Italy, France, Spain and Germany, and found that regions with many of the deaths were of a particularly high nitrogen dioxide content and a low vertical exchange of air.

"If we look for example at the North of Italy, the region of Madrid and the province of Hubei in China, all of them have something in common: they are surrounded by mountains. This makes it even more likely that the air in these regions circulates less and less and the pollution is higher ist", Ogen said.

Nitrogen dioxide is an air pollutant, known for many years that it causes human respiratory and cardiovascular diseases. The geoscientists believed that this stopping could have meant the end of air pollution in the affected regions to an overall poorer health of people living there, which makes them more susceptible to the Virus.