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Covid-19, the lung disease caused by the Coronavirus, is nothing more than a traditional flu? Virologists warn clearly against such an evaluation. And yet, there are many people who appreciate the Coronavirus is still under. Belonged to the US-American Brian Lee Hitchens – until he and his wife ill. In a Facebook Post, the taxi driver told from the state of Florida, how he has changed his mind and warns others against committing the same mistake.

The last few minutes

"No one is in Corona ersticken", the doctor says. But how do you die from the Virus?

“This thing is not to be trifled with,” writes Hitchens: “Please listen to the authorities and the advice of the experts.” Hitchens had come four weeks ago, together with his wife to the hospital on the intensive care unit. To him, it’s better now, a last Test was even negative. His wife had, however, a severe course of the disease – you had to be connected to a respirator and continues to fight for her life.

From the Coronavirus-skeptics to the Warner

Initially, he thought a long time, the warnings in front of the Coronavirus were “exaggerated”, he writes on his Facebook page. But then he had become ill and as well as his wife’s positive to the Virus have been tested. “We had no energy, all we wanted was to sleep”, describes Hitchens the symptoms. With the last of his strength he drove his wife and in the local hospital.

While it is pronounced in the case of Hitchens himself even in this, even if a strong flu – like symptoms remained, hovering his wife in mortal danger. “I’ve accepted that my wife could die,” writes Hitchens. In a recent Post, he reported at least slight improvement in their condition.


His story is so a great deal of attention, it’s surprising that Hitchens himself. But he uses the opportunity to warn others: “I would not wish anyone to experience what I went through,” he told television station WPTV. Today, he shakes his head about how he could the warnings of the Virus does not take it seriously: “I thought the government wants to distract us from something.”

“I should have been wearing from the beginning, a mask”

Precautions such as masks and protective clothing that he had kept for “hysteria”. A big mistake, as he now knows: “In retrospect, I should have from the beginning, wear a mask, but I didn’t do it. Maybe I’m paying for it now the price. I know that I plugged in my wife.”

On his Facebook page that he now warns against the Virus, he had played prior to his disease, nor the danger of the Virus down. There he is now, after his change of heart – even hate-messages from people who hold the Coronavirus, as before, for not much of a threat, or even a conspiracy. Nevertheless, Brian Lee Hitchens asks: “Think about what I say. If you go out be careful and not so stupid as I, to you, the same thing happens.”

Sources: Brian Lee Hitchens on Facebook / WPTV

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