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Claim: A Corona-vaccination in Germany is a done deal.

Assessment: compulsory vaccination against Coronavirus is not yet decided. The on 14. May the Bundestag passed the Reform of the infection protection act does not provide for such a scheme. Also Chancellery chief Helge Braun includes a vaccination against Corona.

Facts: The infection protection act sets a mandatory vaccination, tight legal boundaries: the duty of the Federal government, therefore, cannot be readily arranged, but only “with the consent of the Bundesrat”, i.e. the Federation and the länder jointly decided to be – “for threatened parts of the population”, as it is in clause 20, paragraph 6 means. The passage applies since 2001.

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Mandatory vaccinations are justified only in special cases, because you could be in breach of article 2 of the basic law: “Everyone has the right to life and physical integrity”, it says. “The freedom of Person is inviolable. These rights may only be on the basis of the law intervened.” The way up to a Corona vaccination would be so long, but legally possible.

The Scientific services of the Bundestag came in 2016 to the conclusion that “a compulsory vaccination for threatened parts of the population (…) to mean an interference in the right to life and physical integrity”, in the case of Disease “constitutionally justified” could appear.

Example, measles: For greater protection against the highly contagious disease after a long discussion, since the 1. Of March a vaccination against measles among children in day-care centres and schools is mandatory. Parents now have to prove before the recording that your children are vaccinated. The obligation applies also for teachers and educators, as well as for personnel in medical institutions such as hospitals.

Corona-the package of measures does not provide for compulsory vaccination

In the of the Federal government’s package of measures drawn up to contain the Corona of a pandemic is not a mandatory vaccination is provided. Federal Minister of health, Jens Spahn (CDU) had planned in the draft for a Reform of the infection protection act first, but “immunity documentation” – proof that certain groups special rights could be granted to them.

The idea is that anyone Who has survived a Corona-disease, anti-body and its immunity from a doctor to confirm, could be in the current case, some protective measures – such as Wearing a mask, except.

Critics feared a Two-class society. After protests – including from the coalition partner SPD had Spahn pulled the proposal back to the ethics Council to its evaluation asked. But he basically is sticking to plans for the introduction of an immunity card.

Politicians reject vaccination

Politicians of the ruling coalition have rejected claims that it would be planned a vaccination,. “Once and for all: A Corona vaccination was never in the bill, at any time”, for example, said SPD parliamentary group Deputy Bärbel Bas on 5. May in Berlin. “It would also be absurd to adopt a mandatory vaccination in the Bundestag, where there is yet no vaccine, (…).”

Also, according to the will of the Chancellery in Germany no mandatory vaccination. A possible vaccination should be voluntary, said the Chancellery chief Helge Braun (CDU), the Newspapers of the Funke media group. “If there is the vaccine, hopefully soon, everyone can be vaccinated, if he wants to,” said brown. “Who does not want to, must carry the risk of infection.”

Similarly, Bundestag member Karl Lauterbach (SPD) said. “A mandatory vaccination makes in Sars-Cov-2 as little sense as in the case of flu,” he wrote on the short message service Twitter. “If the vaccine works well, it is done on a voluntary basis.” No vaccination was necessary. If you have a lot of side-effects or not as well active, allow a compulsory vaccination. It was, therefore, “never useful”.

Although there were individual politicians who had lobbied for mandatory vaccination, such as the Bavarian Prime Minister Markus Söder (CSU). The Minister of health Spahn has shown so far, however, cautious: “My impression is that the all would allow most citizens to immediately volunteer to be vaccinated as soon as there is a vaccine against the Coronavirus. Where voluntary action leads to the goal, there is no legal obligation.”

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