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The mask duty is now part of everyday life – but in order to protect themselves and other people in front of the Coronavirus, consumers need is a certified and secure mask.

Among the selling products, there are always masks, the not been shown to help protect against viruses and bacteria.

The consumer portal product alert warns of two respirators, and a callback. Here are the brands Hanivco and Inuan.

Respiratory protection masks: Lack of certification of the filter capacity

The Portal, the consumer alert must currently, the respiratory protection masks of the brand Hanivco call back, a CE-certification is missing. The mask consists of three layers of fabric, which is made with silver-treated, micro-fiber.

Although it offers anti bacterial protection from germs, but the capacity of the filter is not certified. Thus, the use of the respirator is not approved.

In the callback is the model FFFP2 nano silver, under the Barcode 4 260614 260160, and the country of origin of Luxembourg.

Dealers sell the respiratory protection masks FFP2-mask according to EN 149 – however, the certification of the Filter is currently not available, product warning.

Increased risk of infection due to insufficient Material

The respiratory protection mask with the model number KN95 of Inuan from China is also of a recall of the product affected, the product warning.

The particulate filter mask poses a serious health risk: The used Material is inadequate and may not protect the consumer in excessive amounts of particles. Thus, the risk that the nose or the mouth germs, which cause infection.

The recall includes the model number KN95, under the date of production 2020/03/02 and the production line 200301 to be sold.

You are in the trade, as well as in the pharmacy individually or in a two pack available.

Importance of certified respiratory protection masks

Respiratory protection masks protect the mucous membranes against bacteria and viruses, but also his fellow human beings to protect the Wearing the mask. When you Sneeze or cough, the germs can get into the air and let other people meet.

Therefore, the use of a respiratory mask is particularly important to choose, which ensures the necessary protection features.

It should be a certified product. Consumers should inform themselves before making a purchase, whether the selected mask carries both the certifications and the callbacks will be called.


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Michelle Steinmetz

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