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Infants under the age of three months with a positive Test on Covid-19 ill in the rule only slightly. This shows a report of the Ann & Robert H. Lurie children’s hospital in Chicago. Most of the babies had only a fever and not or only slightly to respiratory symptoms suffered at all.

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Of 171 infants who were younger than 90 days and were routinely tested on Covid-19, had 18, a positive test result. None of them had other diseases. Half of the children was hospitalised, mainly on clinical observation, Monitoring of the diet or the exclusion of a bacterial infection. Oxygen, breathing support or intensive care was in no case necessary.

14 infants (77.8 percent) had fever, two had only cough as the only Symptom, and one of them had problems with the food intake. A child was completely asymptomatic and was only tested because in the case of the parents is an infection with Covid-19 was present. In spite of their slight disorders in the young infants showed a remarkably high virus load in the nose samples, the researchers used a sheet of "Journal of Pediatrics" reports.

No severe symptoms such as cough or shortness of breath

"Although there are few data on infants with Covid-19 from the United States, our results suggest that these babies usually only slightly erkranken", the expert in pediatric infectious diseases Prof. Dr. Leena B. Mithal says. "It remains unclear whether young infants with fever and a positive SARS-CoV-2-Test-admission to hospital. This decision depends on age, a necessary treatment of bacterial infections, the clinical assessment of food tolerance and the appropriateness of follow-up."