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You can see in the Video: Coronavirus – Two New tested York cats positive.

It’s not about these cats. But two fellows from the United States have now taken care of in connection with the Corona-pandemic headlines. According to the U.S. centers for disease control and prevention, two cats from the state of New York have tested positive for COVID-19. The cats were from different areas of the state have mild respiratory disease. It is believed that you have to keep people in their house or in the neighbourhood is infected. There is no evidence that Pets have played a role in the spread of the Virus in the United States, explains the health authority. Currently, no routine recommended tests for Pets. As a measure to protect pet owners should their dog not with people or other animals outside the household come together. Cats should be kept and dogs are kept on a leash. Earlier this month, a study, which suggested that cats can be infected with the new Coronavirus, appeared not dogs rather. The WHO is currently being examined by the means of Transmission of the Virus between humans and domestic animals.