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His stay in Heinsberg (North Rhine-Westphalia) is not the recovery of his child in the way – however, a father brought to so many families with seriously ill children in danger: Because of the now positive on Corona-tested man has concealed a trip to the area at risk, had to now close the Tannheim after-care clinic for seriously ill children in Villingen-Schwenningen (Baden-Württemberg). As the two managing Directors said on Wednesday, has been vacated and, therefore, on the day before the entire clinic.

60 children and young people with their families, had to cancel the stay in the black forest. 160 employees were sent home.

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“Patients, escorts and staff will be isolated for 14 days domestic”, says the Homepage of the clinic. The family of the father of North Rhine-Westphalia had been a good week with other families. So far, however, there are no further confirmed cases, so the hospital management. She speaks of a “Disaster”, the need to prevent the father would have, and hopes that the clinic at 6. April again, the operation can accommodate.

The man had not concealed the stay in the risk area in the registration form well in order not to endanger the rehab for his child. The district of Heinsberg in the corona of a crisis in Germany as the most affected district. On Monday was confirmed by a laboratory, that the man Covid-19 is ill. First, the “schwarzwälder Bote had reported” about it.

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