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Diabetes, cardiovascular disease, Obesity and hypertension increase the risk for a serious Covid-19-history. All these diseases have one thing in Common: they are often associated with low Vitamin D levels. Researchers at the University of Hohenheim, believe that the Vitamin could also play in the course of an infection with the novel Coronavirus a role, because Vitamin D regulates the immune system and inflammatory processes in the body.

Many people, especially older ones, have too little Vitamin D in the blood. This could be rate in the case of Covid-19 is a indicator of a severe course and a higher mortality. Furthermore, researchers at the University of Hohenheim, have evaluated 30 studies on this subject report.

Vitamin D regulates in the body, including the immune system and the so-called Renin-Angiotensin-System (RAS), the Balance of blood pressure is important. In the case of an infection, the Vitamin ensures that both of these systems run out of control. "Because the Coronavirus is an important switching of these control circuits affecting, greater pro-inflammatory and anti-inflammatory processes of the Waage", nutritional medicine Prof. Dr. Hans-Konrad Biesalski explained. "The System gets confused. “Especially then, when at the same time, a Vitamin D deficiency." The result could be blisters severe changes in the lung that lead to severe complication of the Covid-19-disease, the so-called Acute respiratory distress syndrome.

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Vitamin D levels check for infection

The scientist advises, therefore, in the case of a suspected infection with the Coronavirus, make sure to check the Vitamin D Status and to resolve any deficit. Especially for people with a basic disease or for the elderly, it is recommended. "In the case of people in nursing homes in the level of Vitamin D is often devastating low. In times of the home office a lot of people on hold for an extended amount of time in enclosed spaces, which is also a bad Vitamin D supply beiträgt", Biesalski says.

Vitamin D is formed in the body by UV rays. Also about the food, it can be included, but only in small quantities. "Rich in Vitamin D especially oily fish, and sun-dried mushrooms. But that is not enough, and in Germany – in contrast to many other countries – Food is not angereichert", so Biesalski. On suspicion of a food Supplement to take, it is not recommended the physician yet. "In case of doubt, it is too little, in order to improve a really bad Vitamin D Status in the short term." As a preventive measure it is advisable, plenty of Outdoor exercise, pay attention to the diet and to ask in the case of suspected infection, the doctor to check the Vitamin D levels.